Store Analytics

Ad performance is shown on the Animal Manager and at the bottom of the Edit Ad page.

Impressions  number of times this ad has shown up on a query results page shown to a user (ie., as a thumbnail).  
Clicks  number of times a user has clicked on this ad and viewed its details.  
Inquiries  number of times a buyer has emailed you a message about this ad with MorphMarket's Inquire button.

When comparing ad click counts received on MorphMarket versus other sites, one should be careful to make a proper comparison.

  • On sites without the powerful search capabilities of MorphMarket, buyers scroll through many pages of ads for which they have no interest because they cannot form specific searches as they can on MorphMarket.
  • On sites where less information is shown in the search results, buyers are forced to click on more ads to find out more details even when those ads are not relevant to the their purchase intent.

Ultimately only sales leads and sales are a fair gauge of your performance; however, these metrics may be useful in detecting the relative interest of buyers in each of your ads.

Technical Notes:

  • Analytics are only updated once a day, so clicks from today are not seen until tomorrow.
  • Viewing your ads from the Animal Manager does not count toward impressions. Editing an ad does not count towards clicks. But otherwise, a seller's interactions with her own ads not excluded.
  • Ad counts began mid-April 2016.

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