How can I find out what morph my animal is?

The MorphMarket Reptile Community forum is a modern platform for enthusiasts to discuss reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates, and a great place to get help when working out what traits/morph your animal displays.

To get help from the community, simply head over to the MRC and look for the forum category that best fits the species you need help identifying. Your login information at MRC is the same as your MorphMarket account.

Screenshot-2022-10-26-095306.pngFrom there simply hit the "New Topic" ("+" on mobile) button in the top right corner.

Screenshot-2022-10-26-100220.pngAdd images of the animal you would like help with, along with any information you can, such as parents and siblings.

Screenshot-2022-10-26-101133.pngBe sure to use the #Identification tag that will let people know that you need help with IDs.

Screenshot-2022-10-26-100645.pngHere are some helpful guides that will help you get the most success:

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