"Not Ready" Animal Sales

MorphMarket in some cases allows the sale of animals which are not yet established, and these are labeled with the "Not Ready" (formerly known as "pre-established") maturity setting.

We support this use case because it does occur in the hobby; however, both buyer and seller should exercise this option with care.

Both parties should agree in writing prior to purchase on one of two scenarios:

  • Immediate shipment upon sale
  • Established by seller before shipping

Nevertheless, this scenario creates additional risks which the buyer should consider. 

  • For animals immediately shipped, there is risk of dying in transport or failing to eat or thrive in their new home. 
    • The seller assumes responsibility for shipping risks unless otherwise noted in the seller’s Store Policy or sale conversation.
    • The buyer assumes all husbandry and/or health risks from the moment of arrival.
  • When the animal is established prior to shipment, the buyer should expect a longer wait time.
    • Paying in advance for a "Not Ready" baby and letting it stay with the seller until established increases the risk of complications in the transaction.
    • This would be mediated on a case-by-case basis if buyer and seller cannot agree on a solution.

Only certain sellers are allowed to list "Not Ready" animals. Currently, this option is limited to sellers with Basic membership.  Requirements are subject to change as we seek to find the best balance between freedom and responsibility.

See MorphMarket's Rules and Default Store Policy for additional information.

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