"Pet Only" Animals

MorphMarket is dedicated to promoting responsible and ethical practices within the reptile community. To support these goals, we have a distinctive trait tag, "Pet Only", that serves as a tool to inform potential buyers about animals that are specifically designated for personal companionship and not intended for breeding, or any other purposes beyond being a beloved pet.

The primary objective of the "Pet Only" trait tag is to prioritize the welfare of the animals. By clearly outlining that certain animals should not be used for breeding, we aim to discourage irresponsible practices that could potentially harm the animals.

Responsibilities of Buyers:

Buyers engaging with ads tagged as "Pet Only" on MorphMarket must agree to the following commitments:

  • Their sole intention is to provide a loving, responsible, and permanent home for the animal, solely for companionship purposes.
  • Buyers have the responsibility to conduct thorough research about the species, health issues and specific care requirements of the individual animal they intend to purchase. This includes understanding the animal's specific dietary needs, habitat preferences, temperature requirements, and any potential health or behavioural considerations.
  • Buyers should assess their own capabilities and resources to ensure they can provide proper care for the individual animal. This includes considering factors such as ongoing treatment costs and availability.

How to search for pets:

Buyers can utilize advanced filters on MorphMarket to search for "Pet Only" animals, using the Genes and Traits section.

Responsibilities of Sellers:

  • Sellers should provide accurate and detailed descriptions of the animals they are listing. This includes highlighting any specific traits, behaviours, or characteristics that make the animal unsuitable for anything outside of being a pet. All issues must be clearly stated in the description.
  • Animals that have undergone significant medical procedures or surgeries that may impact their overall health, well-being, or future breeding potential should be labelled with the "Pet Only" trait tag.
  • Animals with reproductive health issues, such as infertility, difficulty in breeding, or known reproductive abnormalities, should be marked with the "Pet Only" trait tag.
  • Sellers should provide a detailed and transparent description of any non-chronic health issues, including scarring or other cosmetic injuries.
  • Sellers should be readily available to answer any questions or provide further information regarding health issues.
  • Animals with scarring or cosmetic blemishes that significantly affect their appearance may be labelled with the "Pet Only" trait tag.
  • Animals that have tested positive for infectious diseases, such as viral, bacterial, or fungal infections cannot be listed on MorphMarket.
  • Ads may be expired at MorphMarket’s discretion.

Sellers should maintain honesty and integrity when disclosing health-related information, including accurate and detailed descriptions of the animals they are listings health history and any relevant veterinary visits or test results. Transparency regarding the animal's health status is crucial to ensure that potential buyers have all the necessary information to make an informed decision and provide adequate care.

How to add the "Pet-Only" tag to listings:

The "Pet Only" tag can be added to a listing in the same way as all other Trait Tags.

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