Liked and Saved Pages

You may already be familiar with our “like” and “save” options, but they are officially better than ever! This article will discuss the ins and outs of using this feature.

Liking Ads

How to ‘like’ ads: 

  • View your category of choice using the ‘Grid View.’
  • Tap on the heart in the upper right corner of the photo.
  • If the heart is red- you have liked this listing! 
    • Unlike an ad by simply clicking on the heart again.

You can also ‘like’ a listing when viewing the individual ad page by selecting the ‘heart’ icon located below the photos. The number located next to the heart shows how many people have liked this specific listing.

Saving Ads

How to ‘save’ an ad

  • Click on the ad that you are interested in
  • Select the ‘save’ icon below the photos

View Liked/Saved Ads

To view your liked animals, click here:

To view your saved animals, click here:

On Desktop

Option 1: Using the Left-hand Side Panel

  • Click on the ‘heart’ icon for liked animals
  • Click on the ‘saved” icon for saved animals

Option 2: Using Page Header

  • Click on your username in the upper right corner
  • Select “Liked Animals” or “Saved Animals” from the dropdown menu

On Mobile Browser

Use Site Header

  • Click on your user icon in the upper right corner
  • Select “Liked Animals” or “Saved Animals” from the dropdown menu

On App

Use Bottom Menu

  • Click “Favorites”
  • Select “Liked Animals” or “Saved Animals” from the menu on the right side.

Page Features

Once you're on these pages, you can check out the animals you've Liked/Saved.

You have two different view options available: a grid view and a list view.

  • In the grid view, you'll see larger photos of the animals along with basic ad details. This makes scrolling through the ads a breeze!
  • The list view shows smaller animal photos, but you'll get more detailed information. You can also filter your search by tapping on a column header. For example, you can sort the animals by price, from lowest to highest. If you are using a mobile device, simply scroll to the side to see more information regarding that particular listing.
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