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As a MorphMarket seller, presenting your animals in the best possible light is essential to attract potential buyers and showcase your collection effectively. In this guide, we'll cover how to add images and the best settings and tips for achieving the highest image quality when uploading photos.

Adding Photos to Ads

    • File Chooser: In the Animal Manager, you can click on the image or image placeholder to upload an image. You can also manage images on the Edit Ad page, you can click the gray photo area to browse and select images.
    • Drag & Drop: You can drag and drop images from your desktop or a file system folder to the Animal Manager. This is the fastest approach since you don't have to modify each ad individually. As you drag (before you drop) you should see the target row being highlighted. Note: dragging directly from other applications like a photo program will likely not work.
      • The photo icon on each row (if present) will tell you that ad's photo status. This ad has a photo. Drag & drop will replace it.
      •  Uploading is in progress, until it turns green.
         There was a problem with the upload. Try from the modify page instead to get more information about the error.
      •  You've successfully updated this photo.
      • You can also drag and drop onto the gray photo area on the Modify ad page.
    • URL Link: From the Modify ad or Import pages you can provide a URL link to your photos already on the web.

Image Specifications

Image File Size

As smartphone cameras improve, photo file sizes tend to increase. However, it's essential to consider that larger file sizes add little benefit when showcasing smaller photos on screens. On MorphMarket, images are often a couple of inches on the screen at most, and excessively large file sizes don't provide any additional advantages. Uploading all images in original quality would lead to slow loading times, especially for buyers with slower internet connections.

  • Images cannot be larger than 30.0 megabytes (MB). Please ensure your images are within this limit. If your camera produces images larger than this, either change its quality settings or use another program to reduce the file-size first.
  • Take (or crop) pictures in a horizontal orientation.
  • We show images at both regular and retina (2x) resolutions.
  • We convert uploaded images to the webp image format most of the time, which is a more efficient format than jpg or png. We also fallback to jpg when webp is not supported. We use a very mild amount of compression in webp. Currently the quality setting is 92.

Recommended Image Size

We take the images you upload and resize them to various sizes (both in terms of screen resolution and file size) in order to balance page load speed with image quality. This means that if you upload very large images, we will only display normal-sized variants of them, otherwise page load speeds for end users visiting your listings pages could be 30+s on mobile and potential buyers would probably think the page is broken and shop elsewhere. So even if you upload the maximum 30mb image, we will only store smaller variants of this.

  • It is advisable to use images that are around 1500 pixels on the longer, horizontal, edge (e.g., 1500x1000). Using larger images will not provide any additional benefit.
  • Our recommended aspect ratio for images is 1:1. This square aspect ratio ensures that your photos fit perfectly and look appealing to potential buyers on MorphMarket. If you use a different format, we suggest using 4:3, which is a common ratio. However, make sure to zoom out when taking photos so that when the image is cropped, it will display without being cut off.

  • Our listings show unzoomed images at 710x600 px on non-retina displays and 1420x1200px on retina displays (technically 710px on the retina display, but the image file has twice as many pixels in each "slot" due to the higher pixel density).
  • When a buyer clicks to zoom in on a listing image, the maximum length/width we will display is 1500 on non-retina displays and 3000 on retina displays -- even if the original image was larger.

Balancing Quality and Speed

To optimize image quality and page load speed, we recommend finding a balance between image clarity and file size. Choosing high-quality or fine settings for your camera can capture the details of your animals without creating unnecessarily large files. This way, potential buyers can view your listings quickly and seamlessly, enhancing their browsing experience.


You can drag & drop images onto the rows on the Animal Manager! (Drag and drop support is not available for older browsers)

For best results, upload images directly to MorphMarket from your camera app without going through any apps in the middle. For example, WhatsApp can compress photos really harshly.

Device-specific tips:

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