Animals at Expos

Now you can find animals that will be available for purchase or pickup at expos!

How to View Animals at Expos

  • Visit our expo page here.
  • Once you find an expo, you can click the number in the "Animals" column to automatically be redirected to that specific event's animals page.



  • You can also click on a specific event, and select "Search Animals."

  • When performing a "regular" search, you can add the "Expo Filter" filter to view animals available at specific events.

How to Add Animals Expos

Individual Animals

Using the new edit animal page:

  • Scroll down to the “Sale Info” section. 
  • Click “Events” and start typing- a drop-down menu will appear. 
  • Select as many events as you would like!
  • Save your listing. 

It is important to note that unlisted, private, sold, NFS, or on-hold animals will not appear on the expo page. 

Bulk Edit

When using the list view on the "Animals" page:

  • Select the animal(s) you want to update.
  • Select "Bulk Actions."
  • Select "Change Expo."

  • Add Expo tags from the dropdown.

  • Click "Save."

Remove from Expo

To remove an animal from an expo page, click the "x" next to the event's name.

  • This can be done in both the individual animal editor and bulk editor.

Please note: It may take up to ten minutes for an animal’s status to change on the expo page. 

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