How do I get added to the vendor list for an event?

First, make sure you are already signed up with the event organization (e.g. NARBC). MorphMarket only lists vendors who are already registered.

Afterward, navigate to the event on our site and search for yourself. It is possible that you are already listed as a vendor.

  • If we added you with your own MorphMarket account, then you are all set. You can manage events you are attending and indicate what categories of items you'll have.
  • If we created an account for you and we had your email, then you can claim this account by doing a password reset with that email address.
  • If that doesn't work, please contact us to claim this account so that you can update details like your categories and booth number.
  • If you're not yet on the event list at all, click the orange button to add yourself as a vendor. This will first prompt you to login and/or create a user account. Next, if you do not yet have a MorphMarket organization account, it will guide you to create one. After it is approved, you can add yourself to this event.

Once you have gone through this one time process, adding yourself to events will take only a few seconds.

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