How can I block someone?

If you are seller, you should go to your messages page and open the Inquiry from the user you wish to block. Click on the "Actions" button to bring up a menu of options. "Decline Inquiry" will close that thread so the user can't respond to it, but they could still inquire from another ad. "Block User" will prevent that user from being able to contact you in any way through MorphMarket. 

In all other situations, politely make it known that you would like to discontinue communication and stop sending messages. Oftentimes, a user will continue to reply, throwing more fuel on the fire, and wonder why the conflict continues to escalate. It usually takes two to fight, so just walk away.

If you are a buyer and wish to block a particular seller from showing up in your searches, you can go to that seller's Store Page. At the top right of that window is an option to "Block". 

If you feel you're being harassed after taking the above steps please contact us. We do not tolerate harassment and abuse on our website.

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