Why am I not getting emails anymore?

If you see messages on your Messages page, for which you have not received emails, they are most likely being blocked by your email provider's spam/junk/promotional filters.

First: Find and Reclassify Those Emails

  • Find the missing messages by searching the folders in your mail program to find the messages. Search for the phrase MorphMarket (one word) in your Spam/Junk, Promotional, and any other folders where it might have landed.
  • Make sure to check using your computer and not just your mobile phone. Multiple users have reported that the junk folder on their mobile phone was empty, but they found our email in junk when using their Computer.
  • Once you find the messages, mark them as "not spam" and move them to the correct folders to train your program.

Second: Whitelist Our Email Addresses

Third: VIP Addresses for iPhone Users

  • iPhone users of the Mail App should add the above addresses VIP addresses, which will star it, prevent spam and can even enable push notifications.
  • Here are the full directions. Thanks to Stephanie at Kirby's Creatures for this tip!
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