Animal IDs

You can place ads on MorphMarket with or without Animal IDs, but these ids are strongly recommended as you will gain the following benefits:

  1. Your new ads will be broadcast to a much larger audience through parts of our website, email, and social media which alert buyers to new listings.
  2. You can repeatedly import the same ads and they will be synchronized with existing ones, meaning images will not be lost and you will avoid creating duplicate listings.

What are Permanent and Unique Animal IDs?

The Animal ID is like a serial number that is permanent and unique to your animal/ad. Permanent means once assigned you will never use another ID for this animal/ad. Unique means you cannot use it for more than one animal, including across categories (if you sell more than one kind of animal).

Animal IDs may consist of letters, numbers, and some characters ("-/._"). Spaces are not allowed and letters are not case-sensitive ("pas" and "PAS" are the same).

You can create Animal IDs however you like, but we recommend finding a consistent readable style that describes the animals. For example, you might label a 2015 female bumblebee as "15F-PAS-SPI-1". If you had a second you could then name it "15F-PAS-SPI-2" and so on.


MorphMarket provides powerful tools for promoting your animals for sale, but to do so we must be able to tell the difference between existing ads being updated and brand new ads. Synchronizing an imported Price List to your existing Animals is a difficult problem without the use of unique Animal IDs. Seller-provided Animal IDs, we believe, reduce the chance of an error by either MorphMarket or a seller in accidentally re-publishing the same ad.

Why must Animal IDs be permanent?

Permanent means once assigned you will never use another Animal ID for this animal/ad. Because MorphMarket uses Animal IDs to recognize and publish new ads, if one was to change the ID on an ad then it would appear to be new and would be republished.

The first time a seller reassigns an ID we will assume an accident and a warning will be given. Further abuses will result in consequences, possibly including account termination.
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