Changing Animal Status

Besides being available, ads can be put into several other states. You can mark an ad as sold, hide it, or delete it if created in error.

Attributing a Sale

When you mark an item as sold, you can assign a specific user who inquired about the ad or you can indicate it was sold elsewhere.

There are several ways to indicate a sale:

  • From the Animal Manager view, use Remove to mark any as sold or archived.
  • From an inquiry's message page, use Quick Reply option Sold to Them or No Longer Available.
  • If you use Import, you can synchronize your up to date list and missing ads will be marked as sold.
  • To remove all ads at once, choose "Import" then choose "Delete All".
Indicating a sale to a user will allow you to leave ratings for each other. Assignment to a buyer is irreversible so wait until you have received payment in full. You can also choose 'Other User' or 'Hide' and assign to them later.

Read more about the rating process in our guide.

Other Availability Choices

Besides available or sold, you have a few other options:

  • On Hold: You can mark an item as On Hold while a sale is pending. From the modify ad page, click the checkbox for "on hold" next to availability, at the very bottom. Alternatively, if importing, you can write ON HOLD (all caps) on a row in your Price List.
  • Hidden/Expired: Hide from search results and listings. From the modify ad page, click the checkbox for "hidden/expired" next to availability, at the very bottom. You can hide ads to change which ads you are displaying to users within a limited store capacity. To quickly unhide/un-expire, click the Refresh action on the Animal Manager.

Ad Renewal and Expiration

Ads are eligible for renewal every several weeks depending on your plan level. When renewed, they jump to the front of some listings and are re-shared in the MorphReport. Standard and higher members also have an auto-renew feature that will automatically renew as soon possible. Renewing is easy. From the Animal Manager, use the Renew action. If it's not enabled, it's not ready for renewal yet.

If an ad is not renewed for several weeks after it is eligible, we'll automatically expire it. If this happens, you can restore it by simply clicking the green renewal icon.

Another reason your ad can become expired is if your store is over capacity. This can happen when you let your membership lapse. We automatically expire some ads to bring it down to your current limits. If you renew your membership, you can quickly reactivate these ads.

Finally, you might choose to expire ads yourself in order to change which ones are visible to users within your limited capacity or for other reasons. See changing item availability above.

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