The Rating Process

MorphMarket allows buyers and sellers to leave ratings and feedback about inquiries that led to transactions. A transaction is simply the complete payment and delivery of an item or refund. Transactions that did not begin with a MorphMarket inquiry are not eligible for ratings on our site.

Leaving a Rating

After payment has been made in full and the item delivered, users may leave a rating. Ratings are also permitted in some cases after any money changes hands.

Typically, the seller will initiate the rating process by marking an item as sold to a user. There are several places this can be done:

  1. The seller can mark the item as sold from the Animal Manager, and assign the buyer.
  2. The seller can go to the Modify Ad page and at the bottom change the availability as sold to a certain user.
  3. The seller can use the "Sold To Them" quick reply button in the Messenger, which is displayed when the seller clicks the reply button to an inquiry.

Any of these will trigger a notification email to the buyer with a link to leave a rating. The same link will then also be found on either party's own ratings page in the appropriate tab.

Alternatively, the buyer can initiate the rating process on the Messages Page by opening the inquiry in question and selecting "Rate This" from the Actions menu found at the bottom left corner of the conversation window. 

Once the transaction has been reported by one party, an email will invite the other party to leave a rating as well. Buyers and sellers have 90 days to leave a rating after the initial inquiry OR the ad is marked sold to that user, whichever comes later. If a seller wishes to extend the rating period, they can mark the item as sold to that user again.

Confirming the Transaction

Ratings are not made public until the transaction is confirmed in either of the following ways:

  • If a seller indicates that an inquiry from a buyer resulted in a transaction, it is considered confirmed immediately. This is accomplished by marking an item as sold on the inventory page, using "sold" action on the messages page, or by rating the inquiry.
  • If a buyer claims that the transaction occurred by leaving a rating, after 5 days it will be automatically confirmed and made public.

Both parties have up to 60 days to dispute that the transaction occurred. Read more about Disputes.

Tips for Rating

Ratings for the most part cannot be changed, so make the most of this opportunity by first:

  • Waiting until the item has been paid for and delivered.
  • Trying to work out problems directly with the other party.

Things to keep in mind about writing the most convincing feedback in the comment section:

  • Remain factual and courteous. Avoid personal attacks and profanity.
  • Because feedback length is limited, choose your words carefully.
  • You may add a link to a lengthier discussion about this transaction in a forum as described below.

Finally, avoid including content that could cause your feedback to be removed as explained in the Moderated Content section.

Following Up

After the initial ratings, the buyer can still make two additions:

  • Up to two follow-up comments can be added after 3 and 30 days. In turn, the seller is allowed to reply to each of these comments. None of these messages can be edited or deleted.
  • Buyers are allowed to upgrade the overall rating. This is for situations where both parties work out their disagreements after the initial rating. The detailed rating scores and comments, however, cannot be changed.

Linking to a Forum

Our rating system accepts a limited amount of information by design. If you wish to provide additional detail, we recommend taking your dispute to a forum. This will allow you to engage the other party in public with detailed comments, photos and screenshots, and involvement from the community.

Each party is allowed to provide one link to a forum discussion about this particular transaction. You can add the link after you have created the initial rating. You cannot change or remove the link once you have added it. Links not about this transaction can be disputed and will be removed, possibly along with your entire rating.

We currently support links to the following forums. You will need a free account to post there, and take care to follow all of their rules. After creating your post, copy and paste your discussion/thread link from your browser into the appropriate field on the rating.

Open the discussion page by clicking the small gray date/time below your username at the top of your post. Link looks like:

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