Resolving Ratings Problems


A key part of MorphMarket's rating system is that it is based around confirmed transactions. For this reason we allow the non-rating party to dispute the transaction up to 60 days after the initial rating. To initiate a dispute, click the 'Dispute' button on the rating page in question.

A dispute event will result in the rating party being asked to provide evidence of the transaction within 3 days. During this time, the rating will be taken offline until a decision has been reached by MorphMarket to either accept or reject it.

If asked to provide evidence, the user should email  [email protected] with documentation showing that the transaction took place. Documentation should establish facts such as:

  • That payment was made in full (e.g., screenshots of PayPal receipts) or in part
  • That shipping occurred (e.g., shipping receipts with addresses)
  • Possession of the item (e.g., unique photos of the item in the same position as the original ad photo. Include in the photo a card with your name on it.)
  • Confirmation of facts by the other party (e.g,. screenshots of text messages)

To reach a determination, MorphMarket will consider submitted evidence as well as the prior history of both accounts.

Because we take the quality of our ratings system seriously, there will be consequences for those who falsely assert or falsely dispute transactions. Lost disputes may be shown on a user's ratings page and additional disciplinary actions may be exercised, including permanent ban from MorphMarket.

Moderation of Content

While we work hard to limit ratings to actual transactions, MorphMarket has no way to confirm every detail in each feedback comment.

MorphMarket reserves the right to remove any feedback; however, there are a few specific situations which may be reported using the Dispute button:

  • Complaints about issues which were clearly stated at the time of inquiry in the seller's policy or ad 
    • Example: The ad says, "Sex is believed to be female, but not guaranteed" and the Rating says, "I ordered a female and received a male" -- that rating would be taken down
  • Forum links which are not about this specific transaction
  • Profanity

In all other situations, the party being rated is given the opportunity to reply with their side of the story. A seller may reply to each and every comment made by the buyer, as well as add a link to a forum discussion with more details.

Contested ratings should be always interpreted in light of the credibility of those individuals as demonstrated through their previously accumulated ratings. True character is only proven over time.


Any attempt to create fake ratings to improve or harm a reputation will result in disciplinary actions up to a permanent ban from MorphMarket. This includes but is not limited to the use of multiple accounts either independently or in collusion with others. While these attempts are rare, ratings are closely monitored and authenticity is strictly enforced.

Even the appearance of a seller creating a rating for themselves can result in a permanent ban from our site. So think twice before you try anything that might look sketchy, such as having "your mom" create an account and leave you a rating (yes, this actually happened).

Visibility of Ratings

Our system is designed to promote only authentic ratings. To accomplish this we use an algorithm which selects which ratings will be made public and how they will affect users' rating scores. This takes into consideration many factors about:

  • The rating itself
  • The rating user, including their ratings
  • The transaction, such as its amount and recentness

Identifying authentic ratings is a difficult problem which requires a conservative approach. As a result, sometimes legitimate ratings will not be promoted immediately, especially from users with less account history. These "reserved" ratings remain on record and can be accessed by the system and MorphMarket staff. The system is constantly learning and making adjustments, and reserved ratings may be promoted to public visibility in the future.

Opting Out

Initially we allowed sellers to opt out of our ratings system, however, we no longer allow this option. We now require full transparency. Usage of this feature has always been a terrible look for a seller. It's better to have a few negative ratings with professional responses than to hide them all-together. Sellers who are in good standing may choose to deactivate their account by contacting support.

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