Mail Error E01: Unknown Inquiry ID

We're sorry, your mail couldn’t be delivered!

You sent a message to the general Inquiries address [email protected], but we weren’t able to deliver it.

Here’s what you CAN do with Inquiries

You can ‘Reply’ to a message sent to you by Inquiries. This is to continue a conversation you’re having with another member of MorphMarket.

Here’s what you CAN’T do

You cannot create a brand new email and send it to Inquiries. That’s because we need the subject from the original email to know which conversation you’re in.

Here’s what you should do NOW

  • If you’re trying to continue a conversation, go to the last message in this conversation and click ‘Reply’. Make sure you don’t change the message subject.
  • If you need the other party’s real email address, for example, to send them a PayPal invoice, you can find it (after the seller has responded one time) on the Messager.
  • You can also send a response from the Messager.
  • If you’re still confused, Contact Us for help.

How this works “under the hood”

Inquiries will relay your messages in one of two ways:

  • Plan A: When you reply, usually your mail client will address the message to the “Reply To” address which is unique to your conversation, which looks like [email protected]<br> . If so, everything works. This is how 99% of messages are sent through our system.
  • Plan B: If the message gets sent to the general [email protected], we’ll try to find the inquiry ID in the message subject or at the bottom of the message. It looks something like #43210-abcd. In addition, your sending email address must be associated with your MorphMarket account.
  • If Plan A and Plan B fail, you end up here.

Read more about MorphMarket Mail.

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