Mail Error E02: Unknown Sender

We're sorry, your mail couldn’t be delivered!

You sent a message to the general Inquiries address   [email protected], but we weren’t able to deliver it.

Why did it fail?

The email was sent from an email address that is not associated with anyone in this conversation.

How could that happen?

Most likely, you have multiple email addresses. The one that you set in your MorphMarket account (e.g.,  [email protected]) is forwarding to another one ([email protected]) that are you are replying from.

Here’s what you should do NOW

  • Login to your MorphMarket account add this email address to your account under User Settings->E-mail Addresses. You will only have to do this one time.
    • If you have already assigned this email address to another account on MorphMarket, you will need to disassociate this address from that account first.
    • This may require adding another address to that account so that you can remove this one.
    • The other option is to Contact Us to delete your old account (make sure to tell us which one).
  • Finally, you should re-send the message that got bounced back.

Want more options?

There are two other ways you can get past this, but they are really only temporary solutions, and this problem is likely to represent itself.

  • You can send a response from the Messenger.
  • You can re-send this message from the email address which is associated with this MorphMarket account instead of the email address you used.
  • You can send the message to the Reply To address which is unique to your conversation (see below) instead of to the general Inquiries address.

How this works “under the hood”

Inquiries relays your messages in one of two ways:

  • Plan A: When you reply, usually your mail client will address the message to the “Reply To” address which is unique to your conversation, which looks like [email protected]. If so, everything works. This is how 99% of messages are sent through our system.
  • Plan B: If the message gets sent to the general [email protected]
    , we’ll try to find the inquiry ID in the message subject or at the bottom of the message. It looks something like  #43210-abcd. In addition, your sending email address must be associated with your MorphMarket account.
  • If Plan A and Plan B fail, you end up here.

Read more about MorphMarket Mail.

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