How did a Non-Buyer leave a rating for me?

Our ratings system has two different methods set up for a buyer to leave a rating. Not all sellers mark the animal as "Sold to ____", so we also allow buyers to initiate ratings. In the buyer's MM Messages, they can open up the Inquiry conversation and find a menu button with a "Rate This" option. This allows a buyer to leave a rating for a transaction, even if the seller did not mark the animal as being sold to them. 

Occasionally, a buyer will accidentally rate the wrong seller. However, we have several checks in place to address this situation:

  • The seller is sent an email to notify them, and the rating does not go live for several days until the Seller has a chance to dispute it if they need to.
  • If the seller uses the 'Dispute' button on the rating page, it will not go live until MorphMarket has reviewed the situation. Even positive reviews should be taken down if they are left in error because they can mess up the status for that ad and cause confusion for your customers.
  • That being said, there are a limited number of scenarios that we entertain disputes on as described here: Rating Resolution but that definitely includes a "non-transaction".
  • If there's an issue make sure to dispute the rating without replying to it. If you reply, the rating is automatically made public.
  • The person leaving the rating in error also has the option of withdrawing it.

Please use the "dispute" button so we can remove the mistaken rating from your page.

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