My Listing Was Expired! Why? What Now?

MorphMarket strives to balance a free and open market with interventions to keep the market healthy and accurate. To help maintain that balance, we require accuracy in every ad and have crafted very specific rules for selling on our site. Our goal is to give as much freedom to our sellers as we can while giving buyers confidence that they'll receive what they are buying. 

Anytime we have good reason to believe in an ad's inaccuracy or other rule violation, we will "expire" the ad and notify the seller with an email to the primary address they have on file here at MorphMarket. 

An isolated event of an expired ad does not mean the seller is in trouble.  We are more concerned with patterns of repeated violations of the site rules.

Some reasons we might expire an ad:

  • Misleading price
  • Inaccurate genetics
  • Problem with the photo(s)

Our email to the seller will contain an explanation about why their ad was expired, and instructions on how to remedy the issue. In the vast majority of cases, that involves simply editing the ad from the Animal Manager to fix the issue and then hitting the "renew" button to turn the ad back on. On mobile devices, the renew option is found under the "..." menu.

At times, a listing is not allowed be renewed. This will be explained in the email from us, along with any advice that can be given on how to get your animals listed.

If you find that one (or more) of your ads has been expired, please do not turn it back on until you've found the email explaining why it was expired. If you disagree with our assessment, then please reply to that email and tell us why. We're human and sometimes make mistakes too! If you can't find any emails telling you why the ad was expired, then reach out to [email protected] and ask us. 

Please do not turn the ads back on without any changes or communication with staff as it could lead to an account suspension, and we don't want that either!

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