Saved Searches & Alerts

Saved searches allow you to create simple or complex queries using our powerful Animal Search.  Enable alerts on these searches and MorphMarket will notify you when new matches occur so you won't miss anything!

Saving Searches

After running a search, and applying any desired filters, you can save it.  To save your search, click on the banner icon.

From there provide the name of the search.

You can find previously saved searches by going to your Saved Searches page using the link in the menu.


On each search, you can enable Email or Mobile notifications or both.  To receive mobile notifications, also called Push Notifications, you need to install the MorphMarket App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
The speed and frequency of alerts depends on your Membership plan.  Pro level members receive immediate alerts, but all alerts are sent to all users a few times a day, and within 24 hour hours of the new listing.  Getting faster notifications can help you secure a highly sought after animal!

Sharing Alerts

You can preconfigure ANY search alert and share it with others. With only a couple of clicks, your fans can start receiving notifications of your newly listed animals.

Use Case: Create Sharable Alert for Your New Listings (shown in the video)

  1. Visit the new search.
  2. Under the “Seller” filters, choose your own store (on mobile, filters are under the sliders icon).
  3. Hit the "Save Search" button (on mobile, it's the heart icon). Optionally set a name like "JDC Listings" and enable an alert.
  4. Click "Share" to copy the link.
  5. Paste that link into an email or share it on Facebook with your followers.

All they have to do is follow the link and click "Save", and they'll start getting alerts every time you post a new listing! This will really keep your fans engaged.

Watch this video to see the steps above in action.

Notification Settings

Under the menu, you will find Settings and under that Notification Settings.   You can turn off all email or mobile notifications for searches here. These settings will override the notification settings you set on any particular search so make sure they are enabled here.

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