Animal Search

Animal Search provides the most powerful way to locate captive-bred reptiles and other herps in the world.

Finding Animals

This page provides a simple interface for you to explore animals by searching, filtering and sorting. On desktop, the controls are along the top and left sidebar of the screen. On mobile, most of the search controls are under the "sliders" button.

Search Input

The search bar at the top of the page lets you quickly filter animals using keywords to match their title or animal ID.


Many detailed filters are supported. This can be seen under the controls button; (mobile) or left-sidebar (desktop).

Location Animals in a given region. For the United States, filtering by state is supported as well.
Category Sellers who have listings with the given animal type. You can also designate sellers with a minimum number of ads in your chosen category (ie: sellers with at least 10 tortoise ads).
Genes & Traits

Included Traits: listings must include all of the given traits.

Any trait form: if enabled, traits may match in any form of the gene. For example, Clown would match Het Clown as well.

No additional traits: the included traits must match exactly; no other traits on the listing

Trait Count: listing must contain the given min/max number of traits

Counting: what types of traits are being counted, see detailed info below

Excluded Traits: listings will not contain any of the selected traits

Price Animals filtered by minimum or maximum price in your preferred currency under your User Profile settings.
Sex Animals of the given sex.
Maturity Animals with the given maturity.
Weight Animals with weight in grams in this range.
Seller Filter to animals from a particular seller.
Availability Limit to animals for sale, on hold, or sold.
Animal Origin Where the animal was produced, whether by the breeder, within the country, or whether it was imported or wild caught.
Individual/Group Listings which are individual animals versus those sold as a group.
Diet Animals feeding on this diet.
Payment Methods Sellers accepting given payment method, or who provide payment plans above the given amount.
Payment Plan Listings by sellers accepting a payment plan of this amount or greater.
Distance Listings from sellers who are located no greater than this distance from you. You must have location settings enabled in your browser for us to determine the location to measure from.
Exporting To Listings by sellers who can export to the given country.
Trades Accepted Listings which indicate that trades will be considered.
Proven Breeder Animals which have produced offspring.
Actual Photo Listings which have photos of the exact animal for sale.
Has Video Listings which include a video of the animal.
Inquire for Price Listings which do not have a price listed. Inquire to find out the asking price.
USARK Membership Seller has the USARK Badge.


Default By the date they were first posted or last renewed.
Price By price, either in ascending or descending order.
Trait Count By the number of traits tagged on the animal.
Birth Date By the age of the animal, either in ascending or descending order.
Date Posted By the last time they were first posted.
Last Updated By the last time they were updated by the seller.
Distance By distance to you. You must grant the website permission to access your location.
Title By listing title. Useful for sorting animals for a particular seller.
Animal ID By Animal ID. Useful for sorting animals for a particular seller.
Seller Name By seller's store name.

Trait Counting

Trait Counting is a killer search feature. It allows you to require certain kinds of extra traits. Let's say you are looking for a Firefly (Pastel Fire) Ball Python, but you also want it to include:

  • +1 visual recessive: Put min 1, max 1 and under counting choose Visual Recessives.
  • +Double hets: Put min 2, max 2 and under counting choose Het Recessives.
  • +2 or more of any recessive form: Put min 2, and under counting choose Any Recessive. This could match a "Firefly TSK Axanthic het Pied" or a "Firefly TSK Axanthic Pied".

These types of searches are illustrated in the video above.

Saved Searches & Alerts

To save any search, click the "Save Search" button. On mobile, this is a heart button.  To save, you simply need to provide the name of the search.  You can access your previously saved searches at any time through the menu.

Learn more about Saved Searches & Alerts.

Search Alerts

Coming soon!  You will be able to enable mobile (via the app) and email notifications for searches when new listings get posted which match your search.

Navigation Buttons

Buttons at the top (mobile) or top-right (desktop) corner of the screen allow you to quickly navigate to related areas of the site by category.

  • Explore Traits: go to the index page for this category, if available.
  • Calculator: go to the calculator for this category, if available.
  • Stores: go to stores for this category and region.


Where's the new ad I created?

Check out this FAQ for reasons why an ad might not be found immediately.

How can I enable location support?

To determine your location for filtering to animals near you or to sort results by distance to you, you must give our site permission to access your location. This is a browser setting. This article shows where this setting can be found in various browsers.

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