How do I find an animal?

We don't have any special knowledge of animals available other than what's listed on MorphMarket, however, available animal listings are comprehensive and easily accessible on our site.

Trait Index

The Traits page serves as a comprehensive map of all animal categories on MorphMarket. When you navigate within a specific animal category, tapping the Traits tab at the top allows you to access the Index of traits for that particular species. Some categories also include species and subspecies.

  • Beside each trait or species is a number that represents how many active ads are on the site.

  • There may be multiple numbers with different colors. These indicate the genetic subsets for that trait, such as normal/heterozygous, super/homozygous, or "possible" forms. Clicking on any of these numbers will bring up all the ads with that trait.

You can also click on the ( i ) icon next to a traits name to learn more about it in the Morphpedia


  • Type your search query into the input at the top of the page or in the mobile menu. For instance, try "adult male pastel."
  • The search system comprehends gene names and other terms like "male," "subadult," and "proven."
  • By default, it displays available items matching your criteria.

  • Locate specific ads directly by knowing the ID for a particular animal.
  • In the search bar, start with the # sign followed by the ID you're looking for. Example: #1234.

Advanced Search

To perform more specific, guided searches, please read over the Search Like a Pro guide.

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