How do I find an animal?

We don't have any special knowledge of animals available other than what's listed on our site.

Here are some different ways to search for that perfect animal.

Trait Index

When you click on any animal category, it will open up an index page that includes all available traits. Some categories also include species and subspecies. Beside each trait or species is a number that represents how many active ads are on the site. There may be multiple numbers with different colors. These indicate the genetic subsets for that trait, such as normal/heterozygous, super/homozygous, or "possible" forms. Clicking on any of these numbers will bring up all the ads with that trait. You can also click on the trait/species name itself to bring up a broader search. (An exception is that currently a search for a normal inc/dominant gene will also return the super forms.)


To search, simply type into the input at the top of the page (or in the mobile menu). For example, try "adult male pastel". It understands gene names, as well as some other terms like "male", "subadult", and "proven". By default it shows available items. Ads can also be located directly if you know the ID for a specific animal. In the search bar, start with the # sign followed by the ID you're looking for. Example: #1234.

Advanced Search

To perform more specific, guided searches, click the magnifying glass icon on the right of the search input. This provides many additional options for searching and sorting. If you want to search for historical data, you can include "sold" or "all" options, which will bring up past ads for animals that have been sold. The advanced options will be retained between searches, but will only be used if the search window is open when the search is executed.

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