Vendor Directory

The Vendor Directory helps you locate not only breeders but also rescues, expo promoters and other kinds of organizations in the reptile community around the world.

Finding Vendors

This page provides a powerful interface for you to explore reptile organizations by searching, filtering, and sorting.

Search Input

The search bar at the top of the page lets you quickly filter vendors by typing in part of the name of their organization or the owner's name.


Many detailed filters are supported as follows:

Location Vendors in a given region. For the United States, filtering by state is supported as well.
Organization Type Vendors of this organization type. By default, vendors are classified as sellers. Other organization types include rescues, expo promoters, advocacies, and more. Rescues are those recognized by ARRO.
Category Sellers who have listings with the given animal type. You can also designate sellers with a minimum number of ads in your chosen category (ie: sellers with at least 10 tortoise ads).
Ratings Vendors who have this minimum rating score or % positive ratings in the last year.
Joined Date Vendors who created their account before this date.
Delivery Options Vendor provides the given delivery option.
Payment Options Sellers accepting given payment method, or who provide payment plans above the given amount.
Diet Sellers that have listings with any animal feeding on this diet.
Trades Accepted Sellers with at least 25% of listings indicating trades accepted.
USARK Membership Vendor has the USARK Badge.


Default Branded vendors are listed first in random order, followed by unbranded vendors in alphabetical order. We randomize the order of branded vendors each day to give all vendors equal time at the front of the list.
Alphabetical Sort vendors by their brand name.
Ad Count Sort vendors by number of listings.


Why can I not find my store in the directory?

Inclusion in the Vendor Directory is a feature of the Basic Membership plan.

How can I get my logo to show up?

Branding in the directory is a feature of the Standard Membership plan.  Make sure a logo has been configured on their Seller Profile. 

Why does my logo look blurry?

For best results, make sure to use a logo that is square or near square, around 500x500 pixels. We also now support transparent images.

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