How to Start Selling

This page provides the essential information to get started selling on MorphMarket. If you follow these directions in most cases you should be able to get your account approved and ads live in about 24 hours.

For detailed information about selling, see the documentation in our Selling Category.

Create an Approved Store

Follow the link in each step for details.

  1. Sign Up to create a user account if you don't yet have one and verify your email.
  2. Create your Seller Profile by filling out the required fields.
  3. Obtain Approval for selling by sending us an email according to the given directions. We'll try to respond within 24 hours in email.

While waiting for approval, complete the following steps:

  • Review and understand our Rules which we expect all sellers to follow.
  • Add additional detail to your Store Profile. It is important to customize your Store Policies in any way that you want it to differ from the Default Store Policy. Also, it's valuable to describe your business to differentiate yourself and give buyers confidence.
  • Watch the 15 minutes of videos in the Seller's Guides and/or read the material to know how to make the most of MorphMarket's rich capabilities.
  • Start creating ads using the Add or Import menu options.

Upon receiving an email that you're approved, any ads you have created will be live. If you don't see your ad showing up in a particular search, give it a little time. See Where's My New Ad for explanations.

Congratulations, you're open for business!

What's Next?

All of your seller/store management options are located under your username in the upper-righthand corner (found in the pop-out menu for mobile). You must be first logged in. Here you can go to your current Animals, Seller Profile, or even this Seller's Guide.

  • If you didn't already do so, create an ad using the Add or Import menu options. Saved ads are automatically live, but here are some reasons you might not immediately see them where you expect.
  • View an ad in your store and send yourself an inquiry to test that you can receive inquiry emails without problems.
  • Become familiar with how to view and send messages at any time on our website.
  • If applicable, go back and add more detail to your Seller Profile about your business and policies.
  • Consider becoming a MorphMarket member. Read below for details.
  • Here are more tips for maximizing your success.

Becoming a Member

Membership rewards our supporting sellers with extra benefits across all our markets. Non-paying sellers are still welcome, but free selling is limited in all but our newest market categories.

Memberships start at $11/month. Here are our Plans and Pricing.

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