Reptile Rescue Program

Reptile rescues play a critical role in helping animals that need a new home for any number of reasons. They are also crucial for providing education and outreach to the public.

MorphMarket is proud to support the rescue community with a special program that freely provides Basic+ Memberships. Eligibility requires meeting and maintaining requirements set forth by the Association of Reptile Rescue Organizations (ARRO). ARRO’s partner network is in the early stages of being developed by Sarah Grannis Stewart of Badgerland Rescue. Recognition in this program ensures that we are promoting ethical non-profit rescues.

Rescues which are part of the ARRO can be found in the Vendor Directory.

Program Benefits

  • Recognition as a trusted reptile rescue based on a variety of criteria as determined by the rescue community
  • A professional-looking home page with all of your organization's information
  • Branded presence as a rescue in our vendor directory which helps people in your area locate you for adopting and surrendering animals
  • Enhanced listing in our vendor lists for the Expos & Events you are attending
  • Free listings for animals to be rehomed in the biggest reptile network in the world
  • In the near future, alerts which go out to your followers for new listings
  • Other benefits forthcoming

We have also identified several opportunities to better accommodate rescues on our site.  We will be adding features to support the application process, clarity on adoption details, and pickup options. These features will be useful to our other sellers as well. We will continue to work with our rescue partners to improve the system as it grows and evolves.

Application Process

To join the the Association of Reptile Rescue Organizations and gain these benefits, follow these steps:

  • Complete this form: Rescue Organization Application.  You will receive a reply via email regarding your approval status. Please allow 3 business days for that reply.
  • After being approved, create a free MorphMarket user & seller account. When emailing your photos for approval, please include a note that you are an approved member of ARRO.
  • MorphMarket will approve your account, set it to Rescue status, and add your free Basic+ membership.


  • Admission into ARRO requires a 501c3 status, as well as other considerations involving practices and ethics. These considerations will be drafted by ARRO and subject to change at their discretion. Evidence of educational outreach will be favorably considered.
  • Approval is determined by ARRO and not by MorphMarket. We believe the rescue community is in the best position to police itself.
  • Criteria for admission may be revised at any time. Rescues may be added and removed.
  • Rescued animal listings on MorphMarket must meet the same criteria as our other sellers’ listings This includes healthy animals only (please see 3.2 in our Rules). We fully support rehoming ALL animals but for uniformity in our marketplace some animals will not be eligible for listing.
  • These benefits are ONLY for the purpose of rehoming animals rescued by your organization and may not be used for other purposes. If we suspect the possibility of abuse we may request additional information.
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