Selling Tips

Here are a few tips to maximize your success.

  • Take great looking pictures.
  • Set prices competitively. Use our advanced search to find the most similar animals in terms of sex, genes and maturity. You need not be the lowest price, but you might not want to be much over the alternatives either without clear justification in your ads.
  • Be the first to respond to user's inquiries, as they are sometimes inquiring about several similar animals at once.
  • While inquiries should come to your email inbox, be familiar with how to access messages on our site. This gives you a way to always view and send messages even if you're having trouble with email. You can decrease the chance of mail problems by whitelisting MorphMarket in your Spam filters.
  • Use Animal IDs on your ads to maximize your ad's distribution through our MorphReport emails, Latest search, and in Facebook featured postings.
  • Provide details and description about your animals. If the animal is special make sure to explain this in the description.
  • Make sure each ad is tagged with its exact genes.
  • Feature higher-end animals with a video.
  • Share your ad on Facebook and elsewhere by Exporting your Animals.
  • Fill out your store profile fully with detail about yourself and policies.
  • Keep your animals up to date. Sellers with bigger inventories can use Import to Synchronize their latest Price List.
  • Connect your Google or Facebook account so you can login with just 1 click.
  • Consider becoming a MorphMarket member. Members receive numerous advantages and support MorphMarket at the same time.

 For more ideas, watch this video:

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