What is Buyer History?

Buyer History is a system that allows users the opportunity to "level up" as they use the site and make purchases. Buyer history can be seen along with other user information on the User Profile, within the Messages system, and in the footer of Inquiry emails.

Right now there are only 5 levels and they are represented by the colors below. Because there are only a few levels, it is not "easy" to get to level 4 or 5. There are no "bad" levels, but all users can aspire to get to Level 2 in time. We may expand the levels in the future. Each level is represented by a different colored star:


  • The level is NOT based on ratings from sellers; however, it IS positively impacted through confirmed purchases from breeders through our inquiry system.
  • Generally levels will stay at the same value or go up. They will rarely go down.
  • Make sure you've filled out the required fields on your User Profile such as your name. These are "free points" like writing your name on the test. Although, soon this will be required for all users in order to send inquiries, and thus not have an impact on levels.

While Buyer Ratings might have accomplished the same thing, to date sellers have not consistently left ratings for buyers. But we believe they should still get credit for a history of buying.

We love all our buyers who use good sense and etiquette, including those who are brand new. And most sellers will work with and entertain offers from all users as well. However, sometimes sellers may give extra consideration based on history, such when selling a very expensive animal. That's fair, because buyers also take many factors into consideration, such as a seller's ratings, badges, and so forth.

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