Seller Profile & Policy

Your virtual store on MorphMarket has the following information associated with it, which can be changed in Edit Profile.

The seller profile is publicly visible. Please do not put anything here you would not like buyers on the web to see.

Name Full name of your store.
Label Short name to identify your store on product thumbnails and other places. This is ideally 1-2 words or an acronym.
Owner Your first and last name. (This is required and can only be changed by MM staff.)
Location At a minimum, your state and country. Listing your city is advantageous, but not required.  
Email Email address for the system and buyers to contact you. Must be a verified email address in your account. (This is not shown publicly.)
Phone Phone number to be reached at by buyers. Enter digits only.
Home Page If your business has a website.
Social Media If your business uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or YouTube, you can link your buyers to each of those.
Delivery Options for buyers to receive your product. Local pickup means they come to you. Regional shipping means within your country and possibly your region (Europe). You can add more details in your Store Policy section.
Exporting If applicable, select all countries that you can internationally export to.
Payment Plans
Check the box if you offer payment plans, and indicate the minimum price of an item for a plan.
Currency Currency of your ads. Changing this will update your ads. Buyers still see price in their preferred currency.
About General description about your business, such as your background, expertise, and uniqueness. Whatever you'd like to convey to potential buyers.
Store Policy Any technical/logistical details buyers should know about your policies and processes (see below for more details). This is your "contract" with the buyer. The more specifics you can include, the better.
Store Logo
Square graphic design for your company.
Ad Defaults
Values to be pre-populated in ads you create.
Inquiry Settings
Affect communication with buyers, such as setting away status or message.

Your Seller Profile is accessible from the Stores/Breeders page and also from any ad you post. Your Seller Profile will also show a few thumbnails of some of your most expensive Reptiles with pictures.

Rules and Guidelines

Due to the length and significance of the rules, they are now on their own page here.

Store Policy

As explained in the rules, sellers are responsible for delivering service according to their own clearly defined Store Policy as written at the time of a sale. In addition, they are required to abide by MorphMarket’s Default Store Policy except where they have overridden it with their custom policy and/or written communication to the buyer by the time of the sale. The Default Policy is subject to change, and it is therefore recommended that a Seller carefully read it and override its terms in their own Policy.

For example, store policy should address issues such as:

  • What portion of payment is refundable, if any?
  • What period of time a customer has to report issues pertaining to the identity, health, and attributes of an animal received.
  • What occurs in the event of a shipping problem which is not a result of negligence of the seller?
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