How do I get the USARK Badge?

The USARK badge is a Store Badge that displays USARK membership with 100% authenticity because our data is synced from the USARK servers each night.

For our system to recognize your membership, ensure that you have added to your MorphMarket account (under User Settings) the same email address which you used to purchase your USARK membership. This email does not have to be set to your primary, but it does have to be verified with a confirmation email.

Badges are updated nightly, so please allow a day for changes to take effect once you have added this email address.

If you do not have a membership and wish to support USARK, please visit Bronze memberships are only $40/year. To recognize other contributions, USARK is willing to grant credit for items donated to USARK auctions within the past year towards an annual membership. To apply contact [email protected].

In summary here is a check list if you are not seeing the badge:

  • Do you have the Store Badges feature, which is part of Basic Membership?
  • Have you added to your account a verified email which matches the one you purchased your USARK badge with?
  • Have you waited one night since making any updates to your email addresses?
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