Breeding Plans

Breeding Plans help you plan successful projects, track, and promote them.  

  • Experiment with pairings and visualize possible outcomes
  • View expected combined outcomes for your entire season
  • Quickly create offspring groups from successful pairings
  • Share breeding plans with the community

Access using the "Breeding" item on the menu or the beaker icon.

Active Breeders

Before starting, you'll want to have some adult animals in your collection. You can do this by adding animals in the Animal Manager or by Importing.

Now, you will activate the animals you want to use in your plan. You can do this by using the Add Breeder button.  Once activated, these breeding animals will show up in your Plan. This way, it isn't cluttered by a bunch of other animals which you aren't using in this plan.  Note that ONLY Adult animals can be selected as active breeders, so if you don't see one that you expect check its maturity in the Animal Manager.

Active breeders are given a tag such as breeders-2023. These tags can be viewed, added, or removed in the Animal Manager.

Adding Pairs

The next step is to try pairing different active breeders together.  Pair any animal by using the "+" button (on desktop) or by unfolding the card and using the Add button (on mobile).  This will allow you to choose from active breeders of the opposite sex.

After making a selection, you will be given the option to add the pair.  At the bottom of this page, you can see the possible offspring from breeding these animals. You can discard this pair and go back and choose another mate instead.  Doing so lets you experiment quickly with possible outcomes.

Once you accept a pairing it will be created and added to your plan.  You can select this pairing at any time to see the outcomes again.

View by Dam or Sire

You can view your plan by either Dam or Sire using the male/female sex toggle button at the top.  For example, in Dam mode, the females will be listed with any paired males beside or underneath them.

Pairing Count

It's very common to assign a single female to multiple males.  A male can also be bred to multiple females. Our system supports these assignments.

You can see how many times an active breeder has been paired in the blue or pink bubble.  You can also sort by assignment count to quickly find active breeders who need more assignments or those which are overworked.

Combined Outcomes

One of the most powerful features of the planning tool is the ability to see the combined possible outcome across all pairings in your plan. Use the "Outcomes" button at the top of the plan view. This combines all the outcomes across all the created pairs.

For each possible outcome, you will see an expected count. This is the number of offspring you can expect to achieve if all of your pairings are successful.  If a female is bred to multiple males, this is accounted for by dividing the expected count by the number of partners, assuming that only one of these pairings would be successful.

Expected counts are also based on the average group size setting which can be adjusted.

Sharing Plans

Each pairing has a visibility setting. By default, pairings are private and only you can see them. By setting this to public, the pairing can be visible in other parts of the site. It can show up as a MorphMarket Project.  This is a great way to draw attention to your projects and your brand!

You can access the public view of either your entire Plan or individual Pairings using links at the top.

Offspring Groups

Once your pairing is successful and you have a gravid female, you can quickly create an offspring group from the view pair screen. This will pre-populate the offspring group page with known details such as the category and parents.  As the female progresses, you can update the group using the Offspring Manager.  

Once babies arrive, the Offspring Manager helps you quickly create Offspring animals.  And of course, those babies can then be quickly converted into listings when you are ready.

Future Features

  • Support for multiple plans
  • Additional husbandry features such as locks, follicle size, etc.


Why can I not find an animal to add as an active breeder?

Only adult animals can be selected as active breeders, so if you don't see one that you expect check its maturity in the Animal Manager.

Why can't I see my pairing publicly when I have its visibility set to public?

Make sure that at least one of the parents has its animal visibility set to public. If your parents are private, there's not much we can show.

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