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Projects adds a whole new dimension to the MorphMarket platform.  Enthusiasts can now browse, search, and get alerts on breeding activity. Users can discover and engage with animals prior to their listing for sale.  Right now Projects include offspring groups and in the future will even include pairings!

Using projects will be familiar because it parallels the system  already in place for listings.

  • Browse: On the trait index page, there's a new tab called Projects. Toggle to this tab to see counts of projects per species and trait.
  • Search: Explore all the offspring by breeders using many of the same powerful filters available to Listing search.  Offspring cards display information about pairing, offspring count and birth dates.
  • Alert: Save searches to get alerted by phone or email new offspring are produced which match the criteria.

Searching Projects

The project search page provides a simple interface for you to explore clutches & litters by searching, filtering and sorting. On desktop, the controls are along the top and left sidebar of the screen. On mobile, most of the search controls are under the "sliders" button.

Search Input

The search bar at the top of the page lets you quickly filter projects using keywords to match their title or animal ID.


Many detailed filters are supported. This can be seen under the controls button; (mobile) or left-sidebar (desktop).

Location Projects in a given region. For the United States, filtering by state is supported as well.
Category Limit to projects of a certain animal type.
Genes & Traits Included Traits: potential offspring must include all of the given traits.
Any trait form: if enabled, potential offspring traits may match in any form of the gene. For example, Clown would match Het Clown as well.
Excluded traits: potential offspring could not include this trait.
Seller Filter to a particular seller or group of sellers such as those you follow.
Payment Methods Breeders accepting given payment method, or who provide payment plans above the given amount.
Payment Plan By breeders accepting a payment plan of this amount or greater.
Near To From breeders who are located no greater than this distance from you. You must have location settings enabled in your browser for us to determine the location to measure from.
Exporting To By breeders who can export to the given country.
Inquire for Price Listings which do not have a price listed. Inquire to find out the asking price.
USARK Membership Breeder has the USARK Badge.


Default By the date they were first created.
Trait Count By the number of traits this project could produce.
Birth Date By the age of the project based on lay or birth, either in ascending or descending order.
Date Posted By the last time they were first created.
Last Updated By the last time they were updated.
Distance By distance to you. You must grant the website permission to access your location.
Title By listing title. Useful for sorting animals for a particular seller.
Seller Name By breeders' store name.

Saved Searches & Alerts

You can also save search and get alerts on projects. To save any search, click the "Save Search" button. On mobile, this is a heart button.  To save, you simply need to provide the name of the search.  You can access your previously saved searches at any time through the menu.

Learn more about Saved Searches & Alerts.

Creating Projects

Breeders can get their offspring into this system by adding it via the Offspring Manager. This is accessed through the Offspring item on the menu or by the egg icon in the sidebar.  

Offspring groups which meet these criteria will show up publicly for users to see:

  • Visibility must be set to Public. Just like with listings, you can choose which items are visible to users and which are for your eyes only.
  • Groups need to have at least one parent assigned.
  • Either one of the parents or the group needs to have a photo.
  • This feature is available to breeders with at least a Basic membership.


How does trait match work?

As explained above, the traits filters on potential traits in the offspring of the pairing. So a pairing where one parent has "het hypo" would not match "het hypo" directly since it could only produce possible hets.  It would also match "het hypo" if "any trait form" is chosen.

How can I enable location support?

To determine your location for filtering to animals near you or to sort results by distance to you, you must give our site permission to access your location. This is a browser setting. This article shows where this setting can be found in various browsers.

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