Waitlists allow a buyer to request a future animal from a breeder. Sellers can accept and manage these requests to quickly match animals to buyers when they are produced.

Note: Buyers can also monitor animals for sale or in upcoming projects using Saved Searches and Alerts. But the waitlists are different in that they send a message to the seller and get on their list.

Creating Requests

Buyers can create waitlist requests in several places:
  • On the "Sent" tab of the Waitlist page using the "Waitlist Animals" button
  • On a seller's page using the "Waitlist Animals" button
  • On Pairing or Clutch pages which show potential outcomes
  • On Not for Sale animal pages

Request Details

Waitlist requests require three pieces of information:
  • Seller: who the request is being sent to
  • Category: which type of animal
  • Budget: how much can be spent on such an animal
Requests may contain several additional details:
  • Sex: if one is required
  • Traits: morphs, genes and localities of the animal. Similar to our searches, the traits can be generalized to "any form" (meaning a het or homozygous form would both be acceptable), and "exact" meaning these traits exactly and no others.
  • Notes: additional details. This could specify a rare species or other details not in the other fields, such as maximum length.

Waitlist Process

When a buyer creates a waitlist item it is in Pending state.  A seller can then Accept the request or Close it out if they are not interested. Sellers have no obligation to accept or respond to waitlist requests, but accepting the request will let the buyer know that you have acknowledged their request. One reason a seller might decline a request by closing it is if there is an insufficient budget for the animal.
If a buyer is no longer interested, they may also close the item themselves. Buyers may also edit the details of the waitlist request at any time.
Buyers can only send several waitlist requests to a single seller before they are accepted.  This is to prevent a seller from getting flooded with requests.

Waitlist Management

Created waitlist requests can be managed on the Waitlists page accessible from the menu or sidebar.
This page includes a Sent tab (for buyers), and a Received tab (for Sellers).

Sent Waitlist Actions:

  • Edit: update the details of this request
  • Send Message: contact the seller
  • Show Convos: show all conversations in Messenger with this seller
  • Search: show matches in the marketplace
  • Close: no longer interested

Received Waitlist Actions:

  • Accept: will respond to the buyer in the future when animals are available
  • Send Message: contact the buyer
  • Show Convos: show all conversations in Messenger with this buyer
  • Search: show matches in the marketplace
  • Close: if the request is being declined or fulfilled. An optional message can be provided. User can be blocked from all future

Organizing Requests

Waitlists may be navigated through searching & sorting:
  • Search: Type terms into this field to filter to matching waitlist items. The terms will be matched against the other party's nane, animal category, traits, sex, and status.
  • Sort: Touch the headers to sort the waitlist by a specific field.
Received requests are given a "priority" which starts off as the created date of the waitlist. This value may be modified by double clicking on the value. For instance, if the seller reaches out to the buyer and they are not yet ready to buy, the seller might update this to the current date to move them back in the waitlist.
A common use case for a seller would be to filter to "Accepted" requests, and sort by Priority.


Waitlist requests begin a conversation between buyer and seller, similar to an inquiry. However, unlike inquiries, all waitlist requests between two parties use the same general conversation  This conversation can be used for ongoing discussion about potentially available animals.
Either party can block or unblock the other from future messages. If a buyer is blocked they will not be able to send additional inquiries either.

Seller Options

Sellers can update their notification preferences to determine if they would like to receive an email or push notification (if the app is installed) for various kinds of events.
  • Waitlist Creation: How a seller is notified when a request is created.
  • Any General Message: How a user is notified when messages are exchanged in the general conversation, which Waitlists make use of.

Sellers may also opt out of waitlists entirely by deselecting this option on their Seller Profile under More Settings.

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