Wholesale Listings

Wholesale listing options are now available.

  • The ability to post and view wholesale listings is only available to approved sellers with a paid membership.
    • Wholesale ads and pricing are not visible to the general public.
  • This feature is optional to use.
  • Wholesale ads must follow all standard ad guidelines as listed in our rules.
    • This includes the "Multiple Quantity Ad" policies (section 3.15) and "Photo" policies (section 4).

Getting Started

The first step is clearly defining your wholesale requirements in your wholesale ad descriptions and wholesale store policy.

  • This should be separate from your standard store policy and is essential to provide clear guidelines for buyers interested in bulk purchases.
  • Each seller can set their own wholesale policy.
    • For example, many sellers will require a buyer to purchase a certain number of animals or spend a specific dollar amount.
  • Wholesale prices can be listed on both individual listings and multiple quantity listings. When applied to an individual listing, the minimum purchase requirement must be listed in the wholesale ad description. EX: "Must buy 5 animals total to receive the wholesale price."

To add your wholesale store policy:

  • Go to your "Seller Profile."
    • Click on your account menu located in the upper right corner.
      • On mobile, this menu can be found by clicking on the circle icon with your store logo.

      • On desktop, this menu can be found by clicking on your username.

      • From there, a dropdown menu will appear. Select "Account Settings."
      • Once selected, the menu will expand to show additional options. Click "Seller Profile."

  • Scroll down to the "Wholesale Policy" box and enter your policy.
    • This can be found under the standard store "Policy" box and above the "Brand Logo" section.

  • Save your changes.
    • Use the "Save" button to save changes and remain on the "Seller Profile" page.
    • Use the "Save and Finish" button to save changes and be redirected to your "Store" page.
  • You can now view your wholesale policy on your "Store" page and on any individual listing page with a wholesale price.

Adding Wholesale Listings

There are a few different methods available to edit and add wholesale listings. These can be found on your Animal Manager page.

Individual add/edit animal page:

  • To add wholesale information to an individual listing, use the edit/add animal page.
    • Continue to create/edit the listing as you normally would.
  • You will see a new section titled "Wholesale Info."
    • Leave this section blank if you do not want the animal to be available for wholesale.

Wholesale Price: Use this field to enter your desired wholesale price. Once this is entered, you can edit the remaining fields.

Visibility: Sellers can now select specific groups of people to display the listing to. The default visibility is "All Users." You can also create custom user groups or select from a predetermined list.

Wholesale Description: Use this section to enter any additional information regarding that specific wholesale animal. This will be shown in addition to your "Wholesale Policy."

"Wholesale Only" Checkbox: If checked, the listing will ONLY appear to wholesale customers and will not be visible to the general public.

Bulk Actions:

  • To update or add wholesale pricing to multiple listings at once, use the "Bulk Actions" menu in your Animal Manager.
  • Select the "Change W. Price" Action
  • If you have assigned a wholesale price to the listing(s) you will see the following options:
  • If you have not assigned a wholesale price to the listing(s) you will see the following options:

Please keep in mind that using this action will only update the wholesale price. This will not change the individual listing's wholesale description, visibility, or status as a "wholesale only" ad. You will need to edit the individual animal to change this information.

Did you know?

You can adjust the list view on your animal manager page to display different columns (including the Wholesale Price column). Then click here:

When the dropdown menu appears, you can then check/uncheck the columns you want to see. You can even use the arrows or drag and drop the sections to rearrange the view!

How to Find Wholesale Listings

As mentioned above, only approved sellers with a paid account can view wholesale listings. For this reason, users must be logged in. Once you are logged in, there are multiple ways to locate wholesale listings.

Wholesale Tab:

  • Select the animal category that you are interested in.
  • Using the page tabs located above the category title, select "Wholesale."


  • Select the animal category you are interested in.
  • Open the "Filters."
    • On mobile, click the filter icon.

    • On desktop, use the filters panel located on the left side of the page.
  • Find the "Price" header.
  • Check the "Wholesale" box.
  • Click the "Apply" button.

Did you know?

There are multiple ways to navigate to your listing category of choice:

  • Click the image tile for your preferred category on the homepage.
  • Use the search bar at the top of the screen (searching by scientific names is now available).
  • Open the "Categories" dropdown menu from the website header.
    • On mobile, this can be done by clicking on the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
    • On desktop, this is in the upper left corner, underneath the MorphMarket logo.
  • On the Category listing page, click the arrow next to the category title.
  • Using the "Category" filter.
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