Adding & Editing Animals

You can use the "+ Add Animal Button" located on your main menu.

You can also access this through, your Animal Manager page, you can find the "+ Add” button in the upper right section, alongside “Import” and “Export”.


The pop-up module is designed to collect specific information and details about the animal being listed. It allows sellers to quickly input the necessary data in a structured and organized manner, making the ad creation process more user-friendly and efficient.


Choose the primary category, then select the specific species from the provided list.


Here, you can enter essential information about the animal, such as sex, quantity, traits, weight, price, Animal-ID, and more. The system will automatically place these details in the appropriate sections of the listing, ensuring all relevant information is properly displayed.

General Infomation


The title of the listing as shown to the public.

Animal ID

The "Animal ID" is a unique identifier for your animal. It's a good practice to use Animal IDs, such as "15F-PAS-T," as they help with synchronization and prevent duplicates. For more information on how to use and manage Animal IDs, please refer to the help guide.


Select the appropriate category that best represents the type of animal you are listing.


In the "Traits" section, you can select various traits, combos, and localities known by MorphMarket that apply to your animal. If you notice any missing traits, combos, or localities, please refer to the "How to Request a Gene Addition" guide for instructions on how to request their inclusion.


Indicate the animal's sex, whether it's male, female, or a group of mixed-sex.

Please note: To select the "mixed" sex option, you must update the number of animals available under "Sale Info" to be greater than 1. Once this updated you can scroll back up to the top, and select the mixed option.


In the description, you can provide comprehensive information about the animal.


Specify the animal's maturity level, whether it's not ready, baby, sub-adult, or adult, so buyers know what to expect in terms of size and development.


Mention the origin of the animal, such as captive-bred or wild-caught, which can be essential for buyers interested in supporting ethical and sustainable practices.



The "Status" dropdown allows you to indicate the current status of your ad. You can choose from the following options:

  • Available: The animal is currently available for purchase.
  • Sold to (MorphMarket Username): This status indicates a successful transaction through MorphMarket Messenger, and it allows the buyer to leave a rating.
  • Sold to (Other MorphMarket User): This option provides anonymity for buyers or can be used when a sale is made with a MorphMarket user but outside of the MorphMarket Messenger.
  • Sold Elsewhere: Use this status to indicate that the animal has been sold through a different platform or offline entirely, not using MorphMarket.
  • Not For Sale: This status is helpful when you want to showcase an animal without offering it for sale.
  • Loaned: Use this status to indicate that the animal has been loaned or temporarily placed in someone else's care, and it is not available for purchase during the loan period.
  • Archived: Select this option when you want to retain the listing's information but remove it from your active listings.
  • Deleted: This option indicates that the listing will be deleted.


The "Active" switch determines the active state of the listing:

  • Active: The ad is currently active and visible to users on MorphMarket.
  • Inactive: The ad is currently inactive and not visible to users.


The "Visibility" dropdown determines who can see your ad. You have three choices:

  • Public: The ad is visible to all users on MorphMarket. It can be searched, viewed, and accessed by anyone.
  • Unlisted: This status makes the ad temporarily inactive and not visible to users. It is useful when you want to pause the ad's visibility without deleting it entirely. You can reactivate the ad at a later time.
  • Private: The ad is only visible to you as the seller. Other users on MorphMarket cannot access it. This option is helpful when you want to keep the ad completely private or use MorphMarket as a personal animal management tool.

Sale Info


The price field allows you to set a specific amount for the animal you are selling. However, for certain membership tiers, there is an "inquire for price" option, which means interested buyers need to contact you for pricing details.

Sale Price

This field indicates the discounted price of the animal if it is currently on sale. Please enter the discounted amount for potential buyers to see the sale offer. Learn more about the new sale feature and how to use it here!


Use the quantity field to specify how many animals are available for sale. If you are selling them as a group ( all the animals posted in the ad are for sale as a single unit), you can choose the "sold as group" option.


The "Buyer" section indicates the person or entity to whom the animal has been sold. This information is relevant when the animal is no longer available for purchase. Refer to the "Availability" section for more details on the various statuses.


If you are planning to take the animal to an expo or another show, you can mention it in the "Events" section to inform potential buyers about the opportunity to see the animal in person. Learn more about this feature here!


The "Trades" section allows you to specify your willingness to consider trade offers for the animal. You can choose from three options: Unspecified, Will Consider, or No Trades.

Price Flexibility

In the "Price Flexibility" section, you can indicate whether the listed price is firm or negotiable. The options are Unspecified, Firm Price, or Will Consider.


Domestic Shipping

  • Shipping Price Range: Specify the price range for shipping the animal domestically. You can set a minimum and maximum amount that potential buyers should expect to pay for shipping.
  • Free Shipping: If you are offering free shipping for the animal within the domestic region, you can select this option. It indicates to buyers that there will be no additional shipping cost for them.
  • Local Pickup Only: This option is for sellers who prefer to offer the animal for local pickup only. It means that the buyer needs to physically come and collect the animal from the specified location, and no shipping will be arranged.

Min/Max Price

Specify the minimum and maximum shipping prices for delivering the animal domestically. By providing a price range, potential buyers can get an idea of the shipping costs associated with purchasing the animal.

Birth and Lineage

Date of Birth

Enter the date of birth of the animal. This information is essential for potential buyers to know the age of the animal they are considering to purchase.

Offspring Group

If the animal being listed is part of a specific offspring group, you can include the Offspring Group ID. This ID helps track and identify animals that belong to the same group or breeding clutch.

Sire/Dam IDs

These IDs refer to the unique identifier of the animal's parent. Including the parents ID allows potential buyers to view the lineage information and genetic background of the animal.

Show Info about Sire and Dam only to me

This option allows you, as the seller, to control who can view the detailed information about the animal's sire and dam. By selecting this option, you can limit access to this information to only yourself, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.



The weight of the animal in grams. Providing the weight gives potential buyers an idea of the animal's size and overall health.


Specify the animal's diet, including the prey item(s) they are fed and the type of diet they are on (e.g., frozen/thawed rodents, live insects, etc.). This information is essential for potential buyers to understand the animal's feeding requirements.


The length of the animal. This measurement is often helpful for potential buyers to understand the animal's size and development.

Proven Breeder

If the animal being listed has successfully produced offspring in the past, you can select this option.


Select image

In the Media section, you can add images of the animal you are listing. You can either select images from your device or drag and drop them into the uploader. Each image can be accompanied by a caption, which allows you to provide additional information or details about the animal. Refer to the Animal Images guide for more details.

Current image allowance

This section displays the number of images allowed based on your specific membership plan. It lets you know how many images you can upload for the listing.

Exact Items are All Pictured

If you are using an Example Photo to represent some or all animals in the listing, you can uncheck this option to make it clear to potential buyers.

Please note: As of August 1, 2023, our Example Photo policy has been updated. You will not be able to save an animal with an Example Photo if it falls into one of the categories detailed in this new policy.


Videos are one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition. Standard and higher memberships can provide videos to feature their store as well as specific ads. Ad videos should be sure to include that specific animal, not just a generic video.

Videos can be hosted on either a free YouTube or Vimeo account. Just paste the video URL into the Store or Ad page.

  • With Youtube, from the video page, click "share" then "embedded" and that URL: . For older videos, the browser link should work: .
  • With Vimeo, make sure to us the embedded URL format: .

Private Info


The "Tags" field allows you, as the seller, to add specific tags or labels to the listing for your own organizational purposes. Tags can be keywords or categories that help you easily find and manage your listings.

Assigned Value

In the "Assigned Value" field, you can input any value or price assigned to the animal that is not publicly visible to potential buyers. This could be a reference value, cost, or any other internal information you wish to keep private.

Private Notes

The "Private Notes" section is a space where you can jot down any personal notes or reminders about the animal that are meant for your eyes only. These notes are not visible to potential buyers and can be used to keep track of important information related to the listing.

Editing Animals

After creating an animal listing on MorphMarket, you can easily edit and update the information as needed.

The Animal Manager displays your animal data. Clicking the orange link or pencil icon on any row will allow you to Modify that animal. In addition, there are other actions found at the side of the row for actions such as cloning animals and removing animals. Actions include:

Edit Edit this animal.
Renew Renew and/or un-expire an ad. Turns green once renewal is allowed (read more below under Ad Renewal and Expiration)
Change Status Same as clicking on the status column. Change state, visibility and activeness of the animal.  
Public View See the ad as a user sees it.  
Duplicate Clone this animal to create one with the same properties, which you can then modify.
Remove Remove an item by marking it as sold or deleting it.
Tip: You can drag and drop images onto the rows on the Animal Manager!

If you make changes here, don't forget to make them in your Price List file as well, so that it will be up-to-date for future Imports. You can also Export your Animals to produce an up to date Price List, which can be re-imported.

Where's my New Ad?

Our FAQ has a checklist of possible reasons.

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