As a seller, I don't believe I was fairly rated. What can I do?

While MorphMarket does not interfere in the rating process (with a few exceptions), we have created the following options to address this situation:

  1. If possible, try to address the buyer's concerns with them directly. After the initial rating, they are still able to revise their rating by raising the overall score as well as leave additional comments. They also have the option of removing the rating altogether.
  2. Respectfully tell your side of the story by replying to each of the feedback comments.
  3. If you need more space to explain, create a thread in a supported forum with more details and link the rating to it for future readers to see.
  4. While it won't change your rating, you can also leave a Rating for the buyer as well.
  5. Take comfort knowing that even the best services receive a negative rating occasionally. People understand this and will interpret it in the context of other ratings. Make sure to mark all your items as sold to the buyers to encourage other ratings.

If you believe the rating you have received falls outside the boundaries of what is allowed at MorphMarket, go to your Ratings Page and click on that one, then select the "Dispute" button and fill out the form. That will send an email to MorphMarket staff requesting a formal review of your complaint.

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