Animal Sales

The Sales feature offers the opportunity for sellers to attract potential buyers by offering discounted prices on their listed animals. Sales can now be activated through the Edit Animal page!

Animals on sale will have the original price in black and the sale price in red next to it.

How to Activate Sales

From the Animal Manager:

  • Edit an existing listing or add a new one.
  • Scroll down to “Sale Info.”
  • Click “Activate Sale.”
    • Please remember: You should only activate the sale when you are ready to offer it. Sales are only active for 72 hours, and each listing can only be put on sale once per listing cycle. 
  • Enter the “Sale Price.”
    • This must be lower than the original list price.
  • Save the listing!


  • An animal can be put on sale only once per ad listing cycle
  • Sales are only active for 72 hours per listing.
  • Sellers can activate a sale on one, several, or all of your listings at once, depending on what kind of sale you’d like to have.
  • The price must be lower than your normal price.
    • The price must accurately reflect what you are willing to sell the animal for and not a “fake price” tactic to garner inquiries. 

  • You can see how much time is remaining for the sale by viewing the edit animal page. The time will be listed below the sale price.
  • If you want to stop a sale early, uncheck the "Activate Sale" box!

How to Activate Sales using "Bulk Actions"

Sellers can now activate sales using bulk actions.

  • Click on the checkbox next to the animals that you want to list on sale
  • Select "Bulk Actions"
  • Select "Activate Sale"
    • Set Sale Price: The price entered in this field will be the sale price for all listings selected.

    • Decrease Original Price: This will reduce the ad amount(s) by a percentage or a fixed dollar amount. For example, if you wanted to have a 20% off sale, select "Percentage" from the dropdown, and enter "20" into the field. This will set your sale price at 20% off the original list price.

  • Click "Save"

You can also use the "Bulk Action" menu to deactivate multiple sales early.

  • Select the ads you want to deactivate
  • Select "Bulk Actions"
  • Select "Deactivate Sales"

Please note: If you are unable to click the "Activate Sale" bulk action button, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • A selected listing is already on sale
  • A selected listing needs to be renewed
  • A selected listing has already been listed during this renewal cycle is not able to be listed until the next cycle
  • All listings must be "Active" and "Public" to use this feature.

How to Search for a Sale

To search for a sale:

  • Select the category of your choice.
  • Click the "on sale" checkbox underneath the price in the filter section.

When viewing a specific animal category, you can also select the "Deals" tab at the top of the screen.

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