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Discover your perfect pet effortlessly with our robust search functionality. Whether you're seeking a specific morph, species, locality, or trait, our powerful search tools make it easy to navigate through our extensive listings. Fine-tune your search criteria and explore the diverse worlds of reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and aquatics available on MorphMarket with precision and ease.

Whether you search for 'Spotnose Leopard Clown' or 'Batman,' you'll discover the same results. We simplify the process, allowing you to focus on what matters most – finding the perfect reptile companion.

Try other examples: 2+ gene IMG Boa Constrictors, or least expensive male visual Albino Balls less than $300 USD.

UPDATE: Read about our new search.

Browse Ads by Gene

Shows number of available morphs for sale with each gene.

  • Click on any number or gene to search.
  • Traits throughout the site are color-coded by trait class.
  • For example, browse Balls, Boas, or Leos.

Learn About Herp Traits

  • Morphpedia is the herp trait knowledge base
  • Intuitive interface for exploring traits
  • Informative articles incorporated with the marketplace
  • Eventual coverage for all herps
  • Created and maintained by the community using a transparent and scalable process

Manage Your Animals

All animal lovers and aspiring breeders can use our professional Animal Management system to privately track the details your entire collection including photos, traits, date of birth, private notes and more.

This includes other features like Offspring Groups which record the lineage of all your clutches and litters, as well as the Dashboard and ability to Import & Export your records.

Calculate the Odds

  • Enter single or multi-gene trade names.
  • Produces more concise and useful visual/possible het outcomes.
  • Correctly computes gene complexes.
  • Offspring stats in interactive re-sortable table.
  • Advanced stats like # expected based on clutch/litter size and cumulative gene counts.
  • Try it: Mojave Lesser het Pied x Double Het Albino Pied
  • Auto-complete inputs for parents rather than choosing from long lists of genes.

Use the App

Our app enhances site navigation for a better mobile experience.

Do Your Research

Don't buy from anyone on the internet without first doing your research. MorphMarket Ratings is the first place to start.

  • Both buyers and sellers can build a reputation that gives confidence to everyone involved.
  • Our system promotes authenticity by only allowing Ratings on confirmed transactions.
  • Use our tips for Safe Purchasing to minimize the chance of a bad experience.

Sell Reptiles Fast

It's never been easier to list your herps for sale. Watch me list 10 ads in 30 seconds. We have a whole set of short video tutorials like this one to help you sell like a Pro.

Join the Reptile Community

The MorphMarket Reptile Community (MRC) is a modern platform for reptile enthusiasts from all over the world to share skills, knowledge, and interests. It's a place for:

  • Hobbyists to find reliable information on care, genetics, and breeding
  • Top breeders to have high-level conversations with other breeders
  • Sellers to build relationships and gain visibility by creating content and helping others

Download ColdBlooded - the Ultimate Social Media Platform for Animal Enthusiasts!

Join ColdBlooded for free to connect with animal enthusiasts worldwide! Although we primarily focus on reptiles, invertebrates, and amphibians, all animal and nature content is welcome! Whether you're a newbie, a curious learner, or an experienced breeder, ColdBlooded is the perfect online hub for you!

On ColdBlooded, users can create pages, form groups, and share their knowledge through articles. It's a platform designed for connecting with like-minded enthusiasts and exchanging knowledge.

As other social media platforms crack down on animal sales and content, ColdBlooded takes a different approach. It is purposefully designed to accommodate and support the needs of the animal community, providing a safe and inclusive space for sharing and engaging in all things cold-blooded.

Explore the World of Genetics

Morphpedia is a community-driven project organized by MorphMarket, aiming to build and maintain an online knowledge base focused on herpetological traits, particularly morphs, genes and localities. This resource is freely available to the public and is designed to provide information about various herp species, from Ball Pythons to Axolotls, and everything in between.

Why MorphMarket?

MorphMarket Other Reptile Websites
Optimized for all devices Difficult to browse, especially on phones and tablets
Most ads are of individually pictured animals Stock photo represents type of animal for sale
Precise search matches against each animal

Multiple-animal ads generate false matches

(A search for "lesser ghost" matches ad with a "lesser cinnamon" and "het ghost")

Many phrasings work (e.g., "bumblebee" or "spider pastel") Only exact words in listing
Each posting displayed once Many duplicated postings
Type morph or gene names in directly Scroll through very long lists of genes and select to describe animal
Searches for het, pos het, super, and visual trait classes understood Not possible
Filter by sex, price, genes, # genes (more coming) and 10+ ways to sort Few supported if any
Result pages highlight key info like price Must click and read each result to check
Reptiles for sale and sold are separate Current ads mixed with outdated ads
Create many individual ads in seconds Individual ads for entire inventory take hours to create
Update your ad only when item is sold Ads must be continually reposted or bumped so that users will still find them
Seller homepage and inventory management No support
Thousands of ball pythons for sale Impossible to tell
Email alerts of BRAND new animals Alerts (if any) include re-postings
Built in Ratings System for actual transactions Other ratings systems let anyone rate you even if they didn't buy
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