How to Buy

Ordering a reptile online is not like ordering a printer or bag of diapers. Each animal is a unique creature. It requires special care and handling and a greater commitment. 
Please read our tips below to know what to expect and have a great experience.

Find a Reptile You Like

Browsing and searching features help you find reptiles you'll want easily. Some people say a little too easily!

Keep track of your wish list with Saved Items. Learn about different traits at Morphpedia.

We recommend watching this video to become familiar with many features of our site.

Research the Seller

Always research a seller before buying from them.

From the ad, click the breeder's name to visit their store page and be well informed of their policies. This can answer many of your questions about what guarantees they provide and when and how they ship. From there, click the link to visit their Ratings page.

Use these tips for Safe Purchasing. For example, minimize risk by choosing a seller who has consistently high ratings. The majority of our sellers are excellent, but we don't advise new users to take the chance of getting scammed by a new or unproven seller.

Contact the Seller

From the ad page, click the 'Inquire' button, and ask a question like "How can I buy this animal?"

On this page we'll usually tell you how quickly they've been responding recently. 90% of inquiries get a response within 24 hours. If they don't respond in 48 hours we'll send them an automatic reminder.

Their response will come to your Messenger as well as in email, but sometimes email is blocked by spam filters.

We recommend reading Inquiry Best Practices on how to get the best responses from sellers.

Complete the Purchase

Once you're ready to buy, the seller will let you know how to send payment.

We recommend using a form of payment like PayPal, Square, or a credit card which provides some form of buyer protection. Other payment options like money orders, PayPal's "Friends and Family", and Walmart wire transfers carry no  protection in the event of a dispute, so use with caution.

MorphMarket is not involved in the transaction and so you are sending money at your own risk. See the earlier step about researching the seller. Learn more about our policies.


Receive Your Reptile

Arrange a time with the seller when you will be available at your home to receive the overnight shipment, or have it held at your local FedEx Ship Center so you can pick it up. In the unusual event of a problem, you must usually notify the breeder within 1 hour of the delivery.

Sometimes, inclement weather or holidays can cause delays. Each breeder sets their own policies on when they can ship and how they will handle shipping mishaps.


Enjoy Your New Friend!

Make sure that you have already setup a proper habitat before she arrives.

Allow her several days to recover from the stresses of shipping and change of environment before handling. Regular feeding is a good sign of full adjustment.

Leave a Rating

Share your experience with the Reptile community by leaving a  Rating.

If you don't receive a message with a link, visit your messages page, find the inquiry, click the reply button, and then click 'Rate This'.


Join the Community

Head on over to the  MorphMarket Reptile Community and engage with reptile enthusiasts from around the world.

Here you can meet the breeders, hear about their latest projects, and exchange useful skills and knowledge.

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