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Ordering a animal online is a unique and exciting experience, but it comes with its own set of considerations. Unlike ordering everyday items, reptiles, invertebrates, amphibians and aquatics are living creatures, just like cats, dogs, and even us humans, that require special care and attention. To ensure a smooth and positive experience, please read our tips below.

Owning a animal is more than just having a pet; it's a commitment to providing proper care, attention, and a suitable environment for a living creature. Make sure you are ready for the responsibility before placing an order. Each species has its own set of requirements, including habitat, diet, and temperature. Research the specific needs of the species you are interested in to ensure you can provide the optimal conditions for your new friend.

Find a Animal You Like

Search like a Pro, using MorphMarkets powerful seach filters and features, to find the perfect pet for you. Keep track of your wish list with Saved Items, and follow your favourite breeders.

If you fancy diving deep into your animals genetics, we have you covered with thousands of different traits over on the Morphpedia

We recommend watching this video to become familiar with many features of our site. 


Auctions allow buyers to place bids on specific listings. Please refer to our Terms of Service and Rules for more information and policies regarding Auctions. For a focused view of Auctions, simply navigate to the "Auction" tab located at the top of the category search pages. 

Research the Seller

Always research a seller before buying from them.

Before making a purchase, delve into the background of the seller. Click on the breeder's name from the ad to visit their store page. This provides valuable insights into their policies, guarantees, and other animals they work with. Knowing these details in advance helps you make an informed decision and sets clear expectations for both parties.

After visiting the seller's store page, click on the "View Details" link to visit their Ratings page. This section provides feedback from other buyers, and sellers, offering a firsthand account of their experiences. Look for sellers with consistently high ratings, as this indicates a track record of reliability and customer satisfaction.

While everyone starts somewhere, it's generally safer for new buyers to avoid unproven sellers. Established sellers with positive ratings provide a level of confidence and reduce the risk of potential scams or misunderstandings. Follow this link for tips on Safe Purchasing.

Contact the Seller

On the ad page, locate the 'Inquire to Buy' button. Click on this button to send a message to the seller. Craft your inquiry carefully, and consider asking questions such as "How can I buy this animal?" or "When can you ship?". This opens the conversation and allows you to gather essential information about the animal and the purchasing process.

On this page we'll usually tell you how quickly they've been responding recently. 90% of inquiries get a response within 24 hours. If they don't respond in 48 hours we'll send them an automatic reminder.

If a seller has the Orders System enabled, you will see a "Buy Now" button.

    • Click on this button to pay with a credit card.
    • Please make sure that you are ready to pay and complete the transaction. If you have questions or need additional information, please use the "Inquire to Buy" button instead.

  • Before you begin the transaction, please carefully review the seller's terms and conditions and read over all of the information provided.
    • You will need to agree to all of these terms before placing your order.

Seller responses will be delivered to both your MorphMarket Messenger and email, but Email notifications may sometimes be filtered as spam, so having MorphMarket Messenger notifications activated helps you stay informed and responsive.

For optimal communication and responses from sellers, take the time to read the Inquiry Best Practices.

Complete the Purchase

Once you express your intention to buy, the seller will provide you with instructions on how to make the payment. Follow these instructions carefully and reach out to the seller if you have any questions or concerns.

We strongly recommend using secure payment methods that offer buyer protection. Options such as PayPal, Square, or credit cards provide a layer of security in the event of a dispute. These platforms often have mechanisms to assist buyers in resolving issues.

Be cautious with payment methods that offer little to no buyer protection. Money orders, PayPal's "Friends and Family" option, and Walmart wire transfers, for example, may not provide the same level of protection in case of a dispute. Use these methods with caution and awareness of the associated risks.

It's important to note that MorphMarket is not directly involved in the financial transaction. Buyers and sellers interact independently. Learn more about our policies.

Receive Your Animal

Communicate with the seller to arrange a suitable date and time for the overnight shipment to reach your home. Alternatively, consider having the shipment held at your local FedEx Ship Center for convenient pickup. Coordination helps avoid missed deliveries and ensures you are available to receive your new pet.

Keep an eye on tracking information provided by the shipping carrier. Once the shipment is on its way, ensure that you are available to receive it. Some breeders may require notification within a specific time frame, often within 1 hour of delivery, in case of any issues.

Understand that unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather or holidays, can lead to shipping delays. It's crucial to be aware of your breeder's policies, and MorphMarkets Default Store Policy, regarding shipping mishaps and how to handle such situations. Familiarize yourself with the specific guidelines to ensure a clear understanding of the process in case of any unexpected events.

Read more about shipping, weather, and other expectations

Enjoy Your New Friend

Congratulations on the arrival of your new friend! To ensure a seamless transition and a happy life for your new friend, consider the following tips:

Ensure that you've set up a proper and comfortable habitat for your animal, well before their arrival, and have double-checked that the enclosure meets the specific requirements of the species, including temperature, lighting, substrate, and hiding spots. A well-prepared habitat minimizes stress and promotes a smooth adjustment.

Understand that the journey and change of environment can be stressful for your animal. Give them several days to recover and acclimate to their new surroundings. Minimize handling during this period to allow them to settle in comfortably.

Be patient during the adjustment period. Your animal may initially be shy or exhibit defensive behaviors. This is normal as they get used to their new home. Spend time observing their behavior and allow them to explore at their own pace.

Regular feeding is a positive indicator that your animal is adjusting well. Offer appropriate food items based on their species and size. A healthy appetite is a good sign of overall well-being. However, be mindful that some animals may take a little time before they start eating in their new environment.

Spend time observing your animals behavior. This not only helps you understand their habits but also builds a bond between you and your pet. Gradually introduce gentle interactions, always being attentive to their cues and comfort level.

Schedule a vet checkup shortly after your animals arrival. A professional examination ensures they are in good health and can address any potential concerns early on. Regular veterinary care is essential for the well-being of your new friend.

Leave a Rating

Your feedback is valuable to the community! After your animal has settled into its new home, take a moment to share your experience by leaving a rating. Here's how you can do it:

Keep an eye on your messages for a notification containing a link to leave a rating.

If you don't receive a message, no worries—just tap the Actions menu, and then "Rate This".

Share Your New Animal With the Community

The MorphMarket Reptile Community (MRC) is a modern platform for herp enthusiasts from all over the world to share skills, knowledge, and interests. It's a place for:

  • Hobbyists to find reliable information on care, genetics, and breeding
  • Top breeders to have high-level conversations with other breeders
  • Sellers to build relationships and gain visibility by creating content and helping others

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On ColdBlooded, users can create pages, form groups, and share their knowledge through articles. It's a platform designed for connecting with like-minded enthusiasts and exchanging knowledge.

As other social media platforms crack down on animal sales and content, ColdBlooded takes a different approach. It is purposefully designed to accommodate and support the needs of the animal community, providing a safe and inclusive space for sharing and engaging in all things cold-blooded.

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