Membership Features

At MorphMarket, memberships are essential for sustaining and enhancing our platform. By becoming a paying member, you not only contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of MorphMarket but also play a crucial role in supporting charitable initiatives such as USARK and the MorphMarket Reptile Rescue Program, and gain access to a range of exclusive features designed to elevate your selling experience on the largest reptile marketplace in the world.

MorphMarket is proud to be a Platinum Member of USARK, who advocates for our freedom to responsibly keep Reptiles & Amphibians. We require our users to agree to certain ethical standards in keeping.

Our memberships are tiered, with each tier providing varying levels of support to MorphMarket and unlocking an array of valuable selling tools and resources. Whether you're a hobbyist breeder or a professional seller, there's a membership option tailored to meet your needs.

Additionally, each membership tier comes with its own set of inventory limits, both in terms of the number of listings and their total value. These limits ensure fair usage of our platform while still providing ample space for you to showcase your collection effectively.

By joining MorphMarket as a member, you not only invest in the growth of our community but also empower yourself with the tools and resources needed to succeed in the marketplaceā€”all while making a positive difference in the world of reptile conservation and welfare. Explore our membership options and take your selling experience to new heights!

From expanding your collection to maximizing your selling potential, our memberships offer a range of exclusive features and limits tailored to meet your needs. Let's delve into the details of these limits and features to help you make the most out of your MorphMarket experience:


Collection Size:

  • The Collection Size defines the maximum number of Active animals in a member's MorphMarket account, encompassing both Public Listings and Not For Sale animals.
    • It's essential to note that there is no limit to Sold, Archived, and Inactive animals. These animals, outside the Collection, are typically in a frozen state but remain useful for lineage, offspring, and other historical analytics.

Store Size (Ad Count):

  • This determines the maximum number of animals a member can list For Sale at any given time.

Store Size (Ad $):

  • This represents the total value of all listings that a member can have listed For Sale at one time.
    • It's important to note that listing values are calculated at a maximum value of $10,000 each. This means that no single listing will contribute more than $10,000 toward the total store size limit. Additionally, "Inquire for price" ads are also assessed at $10,000 each for the purpose of calculating the store size.

Ads Per Month:

  • This indicates the number of listings a member can have as "For Sale" each month.
    • It's important to note that memberships come with unlimited listing changes per month, meaning once an item sells, you can mark it as Sold and create another listing. Additionally, group and quantity options allow a single listing to represent multiple items, so the store size affects the speed more than the number of sales.

Ad Renewal Time:

  • Renewal Time refers to the waiting period required before a member can bump their listing back up to the top of the search results. This ensures fair visibility for all listings and prevents spamming and overwhelming the marketplace with frequent renewals.


  • The Photos limit specifies the maximum number of photos allowed for each listing. High-quality photos are crucial for attracting potential buyers and showcasing the unique characteristics of each animal in your collection.


  • The Testimonials limit denotes the number of buyer ratings that a member is allowed to pin to their store page. Positive feedback can significantly enhance a seller's reputation and credibility within the community.

Auctions Per Month:

  • This is the number of Auction listings included in a membership plan per month. Auctions can be an effective way to sell high-demand or unique animals, providing an opportunity to reach a broader audience and generate excitement among buyers.

Collection Gallery:

  • This is the number of "Not For Sale" (NFS) listings that a member can display on their store page. This feature allows sellers to showcase their breeding projects, future plans, or showcase animals that are not currently available for purchase to provide insight into their breeding programs, demonstrate their expertise, and engage potential buyers with their long-term vision and commitment to quality.



  • The Followers feature allows members to build a community around their store and engage with potential buyers. Members can gain followers who are interested in their listings and updates, providing them with a direct audience for their inventory. By fostering a following on MorphMarket, members can increase visibility for their store, cultivate customer relationships, and potentially attract repeat buyers. Please see our guide for full details.

Store in Seller Directory:

  • The directory serves as a centralized hub where buyers can browse and filter through a wide range of sellers of different species. By having their store listed in the directory, members can increase their visibility and reach a larger audience of potential buyers who are actively seeking reptiles and related products.

Branded Ads:

  • By incorporating logos into listings, members can enhance their brand visibility and recognition among potential buyers. This feature adds a professional touch to listings, helping sellers stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Branded in Seller Directory:

Dedicated Ads:

  • Ensures that listings from other sellers do not appear on your ads. This exclusivity allows members to showcase their own listings without distractions from competing sellers.

MorphReport Promotion:

  • Includes your ads in our MorphReport newsletters. MorphReport newsletters are a valuable resource for members to reach a wider audience and promote their listings. By having their ads featured in these newsletters, members can increase visibility for their inventory and attract potential buyers who subscribe to the MorphReport.

Ad Quantity:

  • This allows members to efficiently market multiple animals of the same sex and genetics within a single listing.

Extra Pricing Options:

  • Extra Pricing Options allow members to set prices as firm or negotiable for their listings. This flexibility accommodates varying preferences among buyers and sellers regarding pricing arrangements.


  • Members can consider offers from potential buyers and negotiate prices based on mutual agreement, facilitating smoother transactions and potentially increasing sales. Please see our guide for full details.

Ad Group Options:

  • Provides members with the ability to list animals for sale as a whole group. This feature allows sellers to bundle multiple animals together into a single listing, offering convenience to both sellers and buyers.

Not Ready Listings:

  • The Not Ready Listings feature allows members to list "Not Ready" animals on MorphMarket. These listings represent animals that are not yet available for sale but are planned for future availability. This feature enables sellers to showcase their breeding projects and upcoming inventory to potential buyers, generating interest and anticipation for future releases. For more information on listing "Not Ready" animals, refer to our guide.

Non-Expiring Ads:

  • Create listings that do not have a set expiration date. Non-expiring ads remain active until the member decides to unlist them. This feature is particularly beneficial for sellers with long-term or evergreen listings, providing continuous visibility for their inventory.

Buyer Profiles:

  • Provides members with extended information on buyers' profiles.

Buyer Ratings:

  • Sellers can view ratings and reviews left by other sellers who have interacted with the same buyer, helping them make informed decisions when engaging with potential buyers. By leveraging Buyer Ratings, sellers can prioritize interactions with trustworthy buyers, mitigate risks, and ensure smooth transactions.

Membership Badge:

  • Membership badges enhance credibility and trustworthiness, as they signal a commitment to the platform and may indicate access to exclusive features or benefits associated with higher-tier memberships, such as Auctions and Wholesale.

Community Posts:

  • The Community Posts feature enables members to display posts from the MorphMarket Reptiles Community forum on their store page. By showcasing forum activity directly on their store page, sellers can enhance transparency and credibility, providing buyers with additional insights into their expertise, experience, and interaction within the community. This feature facilitates trust-building and fosters a sense of community engagement between sellers and buyers.

Store Badges:

  • Store Badges allow members to earn badges for achieving certain criteria, such as hitting follower milestones or receiving likes on ads, which are then displayed on their store page. These badges serve as visual indicators of the member's achievements and credibility within the community. By showcasing earned badges on their store page, members can enhance their reputation, attract more attention from potential buyers, and instill confidence in their professionalism and reliability. Please see our guide for more details.


  • The Parentage feature allows members to display the parents of listed animals on their listings. This feature provides valuable information to potential buyers, allowing them to see the lineage and genetic background of the animals they are interested in. By showcasing parentage on listings, members can enhance transparency, credibility, and trust among buyers. This feature is particularly valuable for breeding projects, as it allows buyers to make more informed decisions based on the genetic history of the animals they are considering purchasing. Please see our guide for more details.


  • By showcasing the entire collection, including NFS animals, members can demonstrate their breeding program's depth, diversity, and long-term vision. Please see our guide for more details.


  • The Offspring Groups feature offers members the option to share groups of offspring from their breeding projects. By sharing offspring groups, members can provide potential buyers with insights into the quality and diversity of their breeding stock, as well as the potential genetics and traits passed down to offspring. This feature facilitates transparency and trust, allowing buyers to make more informed decisions based on the breeding outcomes showcased by the seller.

Breeding Pairings:

  • Share information about your breeding pairings. By sharing breeding pairings, members can showcase the potential outcomes of their upcoming projects.

Waitlist Requests:

  • The Waitlist Requests feature allows members to receive requests from potential buyers who are interested in future animals. This feature enables sellers to gauge interest and manage demand for upcoming breeding projects or animals that are not yet available for sale, while also providing potential buyers with the opportunity to secure their place in line for desired animals.

Example Photos:

  • The Example Photos feature allows listings to use a representative photo of an animal of the same sex and genetics in some categories. This feature provides flexibility for sellers to showcase their animals effectively, even if the specific animal listed may not be photographed. Instead, a representative photo of an animal with similar characteristics can be used to provide buyers with a visual representation of the available animal. For more details on using Example photos, please refer to this guide.

Enhanced Event Listing:

  • The Enhanced Event Listing feature provides vendors with additional visibility and customization options when vending at an expo. In addition to basic event information, such as location and date, this feature allows vendors to include their logo, detailed categories of animals they sell, additional notes, web links, and a link to their organization page in the Vendors List of that event. By leveraging this feature, vendors can enhance their presence at expos, attract more visitors to their booths, and provide attendees with comprehensive information about what they will be bringing to the show, ultimately leading to a more engaging and successful expo experience for all involved.

Private Facebook Group:

  • The Private Facebook Group feature offers members access to the "MorphMarket Sellers (Members Only)" group on Facebook. This group serves as a dedicated space for members to discuss and share ideas with the MorphMarket team and the community. By providing access to this private group, members can engage in discussions, seek advice, and collaborate with other sellers, fostering a sense of community and shared knowledge.


  • Provides members with the ability to create and view wholesale listings. This feature allows sellers to offer bulk quantities of their products at discounted wholesale prices to buyers who are interested in purchasing in large quantities. By creating wholesale listings, sellers can attract wholesale buyers, such as retailers or breeders, and expand their customer base. Additionally, buyers can browse wholesale listings to find cost-effective options for stocking their inventory or breeding projects. This feature facilitates bulk transactions and promotes business growth for sellers while providing buyers with access to competitive wholesale pricing. See our guide for more details.

Ad Recommendations:

  • Automatically promote other items on your page within your listings. This feature suggests additional items from your inventory that may be of interest to potential buyers viewing a particular listing.

MorphReport Feature Eligible:

  • Eligibility to be featured with a photo in MorphReport newsletters. This feature provides sellers with additional visibility and promotional opportunities for their listings to be selected by MorphMarket to be showcased in newsletters sent to subscribers. By being featured in the MorphReport newsletters, listings can reach a broader audience and attract more attention from potential buyers, ultimately increasing the likelihood of sales and engagement.

Enhanced Contact Info:

  • In addition to social media profiles or website links, members can provide contact details, such as email or phone number.

Inquiry Message:

  • Customize the message displayed to buyers when they inquire about a listing. This customization option enables sellers to provide tailored instructions, order details, or additional information to potential buyers directly within the inquiry message. By customizing the inquiry message, sellers can streamline communication, clarify expectations, and provide valuable guidance to buyers, enhancing the overall buying experience and facilitating smoother transactions. For more details on MorphMarket Messenger please head over to this guide.

Ad Auto-Renewal:

  • With this feature activated, listings will renew themselves without requiring manual intervention from the seller. This ensures that listings remain active and visible to potential buyers without interruption, helping sellers maintain a consistent presence on the platform. By automating the renewal process, sellers can save time and effort, ensuring that their listings are always up-to-date and maximizing their chances of attracting buyers. To turn off Auto-Renewal see the instructions here.

Store Video:

  • The Store Video feature allows members to add a video to their store page to showcase their collection, facility, or other relevant content, allowing buyers to get a better sense of the seller's inventory, practices, breeding projects, and more. This feature enhances the visual appeal of the store page and can help sellers attract and retain the interest of buyers.

Ad Videos:

  • The Ad Videos feature enables members to add videos of the animal for sale to their listings. By including videos in their listings, sellers can offer potential buyers a more comprehensive view of the animal's appearance, behavior, and temperament. Videos can help convey important details that may not be fully captured in photos alone, such as movement, vocalizations, and personality traits.

Priority Email Support:

  • Priority Email Support offers members expedited assistance and response times when contacting customer support via email.


  • Lineage displays the parents on listings and animal pages, providing valuable information about an animal's ancestry. By showcasing the lineage, including the parents, potential buyers can gain insights into the genetic background, traits, and breeding history of the animal.

Store Cover Photo:

  • Store Cover Photo allows members to add a custom banner to their store, providing a visually appealing header that represents the brand, theme, or specialty of the store. This feature enables sellers to create a unique and attractive storefront that captures the attention of visitors and reinforces their brand identity. By adding a personalized banner, sellers can enhance the overall aesthetics of their store

Priority MorphReport Features:

  • Priority MorphReport Features provide members with a higher likelihood of being selected for inclusion in MorphReport newsletters compared to lower membership plans. This feature offers enhanced visibility and promotional opportunities for members' listings, increasing the chances of attracting attention from potential buyers.

Cross-Promoted Ads:

  • The Cross-Promoted Ads feature allows your listings to be promoted on other sellers' listings, increasing visibility and exposure to potential buyers.

Unlisted Prices:

  • The Unlisted Prices feature allows members to set listings as "Inquire for Price," providing potential buyers with the option to inquire about the price directly. Listings marked as "Inquire for Price" are also assessed at $10,000 each for the purpose of calculating the store size limits, meaning an animal valued at $15,000 will only be calculated as $10,000 towards your limit.

Home Page Promotion:

  • Offers members the opportunity to have their store logo displayed on the MorphMarket Homepage, subject to meeting a minimum rating score requirement.

Phone Support by Appointment:

  • Schedule a call with our support team to discuss any feature-related inquiries or assistance. Please note that some limitations may apply, and scheduling a call in advance is required to ensure availability and dedicated support. While we strive to provide assistance over the phone for feature-related matters, please be aware that any non-feature-related conversations, such as customer disputes, will likely need to take place through email for documentation purposes.
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